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(collective stuff to get for 2013 Biketour)
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| If possible ONE general BIODEGRADABLE shampoo, toothpaste and dishwash and a big handsoap?.
| If possible ONE general BIODEGRADABLE shampoo, toothpaste and dishwash and a big handsoap?.
| ...
| S
| wholesale order through food-coop?
| ''Is ordered - should arrive in time''
| Fairer traded coffee / tea
| Fairer traded coffee / tea

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collective stuff from 2012 Biketour

Equipment used last year, which is decentrally stored:

What? Where? With whom? How and when to get to BT starting point?
Trailers (Bob 1) Berlin-Kreuzberg  ?
Trailers (Bob 2) Berlin-Kreuzberg  ?
Cooking utensils - Pots, cutting board, knifes, grinder, Berlin-Kreuzberg  ?

collective stuff to get for 2013 Biketour

Can anyone bring the following stuff? More ideas of things we should definitively have (remember that we have to carry all of that! ;)) Write it down!

What? Who can bring it? / Who will take care of it? Where to get it (cheaply or for free)?
2 Rocket Stoves (bucket-sized tins, stove L-pipes, Perlite, screws; materials needed to build it during Kick-Off Days) ... Restaurants, Markets?
One more Trailer (a big one)? ... Building it ourselves in Workshop in Berlin; Vinzi Project in Wien (handmade trailors of a social project; donation-based); "free" classifieds
Medical Kit ... Red Cross? THW? Pharmacy?
Propolis ... ...
colloidal silver ... ...
Biketools ... Bike workshops (either older stuff as donations or do wholesale order together); "free" classifieds
Big box for carrying spices, tea etc. ... "free" classifieds, freeshops
A netbook/laptop - so we can blog along the way! ... Ask through lists, "free" classifieds, freeshop
Walkie-Talkies - (?) ... Ask through lists, "free" classifieds, freeshop
Mobile phones, charger and cheap prepaid SIM cards (preferably for all countries crossed) ... Ask through lists, "free" classifieds, freeshop, flea markets
Battery charger for batteries of bike lights or mobile devices ... ...
If possible ONE general BIODEGRADABLE shampoo, toothpaste and dishwash and a big handsoap?. S Is ordered - should arrive in time
Fairer traded coffee / tea ... wholesale order through food-coop?
KITCHEN NECESSITIES (can someone mark in bold what we already have?)
  • 2 big cooking pots: Berlin-Kreuzberg
  • 1 smaller cooking pot: Berlin-Kreuzberg
  • 1 pan (would be great)
  • 3 big wooden spoons
  • 4 chopping boards
  • some good knives
  • colander (sieve)
  • grater
  • peelers
  • something to mash or blend stuff
  • big bowl
  • glass jars for dressings
  • plastic bottles/containers for soaking beans, chickpeas etc.
  • some communal spoons (for dressings, honey etc.)
  • kitchen towels
  • sponges
  • cleaning soap
  • handsoap for cooks (communal soap has been ordered; should arrive soon)
  • matches, lighters
  • washing bowl
... ...

Who is bringing What to make biketour nicer?

Add to the list!

  • Propaganda Material - Booklets, leaflets, t-shirts, stickers, posters, screen printing equipment
    • ...
  • Additional Camping equipment for others to borrow
    • ...
  • Additional Bikes for people who need to borrow
    • ...
  • Music - songs, instruments, a pedal powered sound system?
    • Ukulele, guitalele, penny whistle, harmonica
  • ...
  • pedal powered projector and films related to the theme?
    • ...
  • Crazy bikes?
    • ...

Here are some examples from what people said in their registration form

  • - chalk stick
  • 1 or 2 recorders (flutes)

  • Some maps, but not the best ones :
    • Germany : 1/300.000
    • Czech Republic : 1/600.000
    • Austria : 1/400.000
    • Romania : 1/750.000
    • Hungary : 1/300.000
      • (I will give the Romanian and Hungary Maps to interested people).
  • paint, pens and paper
  • I will bring my violin and a small picture dictionary
  • not sure yet - will TRY and bring some bunting and a few bike tools and a first aid kit - it won't be a large one though.
  • laptop
  • I can bring an USB-Stick for mobile internet in Austria. It costs 4‚Ǩ/GB of which I can take care of, as long as it does not exceed 2GB in total (should be far enough).
  • - backgammon

- tiny tiny paint box

  • I do have a small sewing kit I am happy to lend. I also have a few essential oils (lavender, peppermint, tea tree) that I could share.
  • For the media: I will bring an e-reader with some english books on it, so there is some story telling before bed time.
  • Maybe some card games. Very very small!
  • A couple of books and an open mind.
  • a little vegan cookbook, an introduction to migration law in europe
  • Camping equipment
  • garmin gps - it has open street maps and bike paths on it. Uses rechargeable AA batteries.
  • Maps
  • playing cards, harmonica, some printed songs
  • recipes.
  • A little guitar,
  • I bring a large ultralight tarp that can sleep two in a storm and 4 in calm rain.
  • Plus a bushbuddy wood-burning stove.
  • ... (last updated: 04JUL)