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Purpose of this working group

We need (bike) road maps to navigate, because not all people have GPS devices, satellites might be switched off, road signs can mislead you and locals don't always know the right way to tell you...

>If people add them here others can download to their digital cameras / SD cards or print them.

>Maps for cyclists are best at 1: 200,000 or or 1: 100,000 so they show the altitudes - : )

Does anyone know a way to find elevation / gradient maps (visual altitude) without using google maps?

>Yes: 4Umaps

Previous year(s)

Last year, people scanned good maps of the route regions that they found and put them together. Everyone could then download and/or print the whole package or just parts of it. Those maps could also be saved on a digital camera, a smart phone or tablet computer in order to look at them on a screen.

Please participate!

  • Check your collection of travel maps at home or in your library!
  • Scan the ones of the regions we go throgh!
  • Zip them and send them to the coordinators!
  • Mark in the below, which parts you have scanned already, so that someone else doesn't do the same work.
  • Bring the original map to the tour if it is possible!

Maps scanned / available in BT 2013 material pool


REGIONS = CAPITALISED concrete places = lower case

- 1cm:250m street map of Berlin (city centre area only): http://maps-germany.com/large_scale_map_Berlin_361003.html