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Add some books, films or other media that you think we could share / watch / read on the bike tour. Especially, if they will tell us something about our theme Beyond Borders / activism / DIY / and/or the regions we travel through.

Even if you don't add anything yourself below, you could take care about getting some of the media and bringing them to the bike tour!


  • Česky sen (czech dream); CZ / Praha; consumptionism, media activism, transitionism, supermarket, economic boom, marketing
  • Sonnenallee; Berlin (Wall, East/West);
  • Good Bye, Lenin; Berlin (Wall, East/West);
  • Das Leben der Anderen (The life of others); Berlin (Wall, East/West); surveillance, system change
  • (((Film mit Götz George über Zwillingsbrüder in Ost und West))) Titel???; Berlin (Wall, East/West); illegal border crossing
  • Drei (Three); Berlin; Sexuality and Relationships beyond Heteronormativity
  • Hedwig and the angry Inch; East-Berlin/GDR, USA; musical, transsexuality, sex transformation for crossing border
  • Hundstage (Dog Days); Austria; milieu study, social-critical pseudo documentation
  • Paradies Liebe (Paradise Love); Austria / Kenya; sex tourism of elder women in low income countries
  • Fremde Haut (Stranger's skin); DE / Iran; asylum, persecution because of sexual orientation, asylum situation in DE
  • Piefke-Saga (Krauts Saga); AT / (DE), Tirol; relationship between Austrians and Germans, corruption, rural alpine tourism
  • Battle in Seattle; USA / Seattle; direct mass action, WTO summit, police violence
  • Operation Spring; AT / Wien; massive raid against african immigrants, surveillance, mass incarcellation, absurd process, situation of asylum seekers in Austria, criminalisation
  • Der Prozess (The Process); AT / Wien; animal liberation, activism, criminalisation of activism, surveillance, absurd „evidence“, court process, anti-terrorism laws
  • Qattsi Trilogy (Koyanisqattsi, Powaqattsi, Nakoykattsi); global; contrastation: industrial / manual, nature / „civilisation“; cyberspace
  • End.Civ; North America; questioning „civilisation“
  • Tactical Frivolity (Title??? ROR foundation documentary); UK / Praha; activism, samba, tactical frivolity, direct mass action, IMF summit
  • Das Kubat-Dreieck (the Kubat triangle); Berlin (east/west) FRG/GDR; squatting, strategical activists' use of borders, one way border crossing, fortified borders, territory issues, territory exchange, berlin 1980ies, ...
  • Prinz in Hölleland; Berlin; gay trailerpark life diy-movie in 1993
  • Lucky People Center International; sweden; docu around the world peoples inner life
  • Coming Out; GDR; east berlin gay story in 1989
  • The Battle of Tuntenhaus; Berlin; docu; gay squaters life after berlin wall
  • http://www.rosiamontana-thefilm.com/
  • ...
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Books / Zines and Distros

  • Anarcho-herbalism zines

Places to find and print::::::

Particular titles / resources::::::: It would be great to have a mini collective media library with us for the 2013 tour.. Please add in any particular titles which link in with this year's tour, or have useful practical info for the biketour (e.g. about fixing bikes, info about regions we are passing through, etc..). If you are able to bring something, please put a ^ sign before the item so we know it's on it's way! :D

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..and much much more to add!!!...coming soon

Other media / links and resourses