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This page should help people to find each other to travel together to and from the Biketour. Just add yourself to the list and contact other people from the list if you like.

Name(s) Contact Joining the Biketour when/where? Travelling from where? Traveling there how? Leaving the Biketour when/where? Travelling to where? Traveling there how?
Candid mailto:cdauth@cdauth.eu Sofia Berlin By trains and buses, probably passing through Prague, Budapest, Belgrade. Leaving 10th or 11th of July. Athens, at the end Berlin Cycling back, taking around 3 weeks.
Olek mailto:olek@zm.org.pl Zhelen Warszawa / Budapest By trains / buses. I will be in Budapest during the weekend and I plan to take the night train from Budapest to Belgrade on July 13/14th. Prishtina (probably) Warszawa Cycling/trains/buses
catherine secaordr@riseup.net thessaloniki 25 of august/or4 september uk train bus hitchhiking cycling the end athens uk or anywhereelse BURMA for example cycling bus trains hitchhiking