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* Total distance: ? km
* Official biketour Asturian number: +34
[[Coordinator]]s aret
===Sleeping places===
==About Asturias==
before '''[[27 June]]''' (wednesday) ? -> Escanda - ? km (idea)
* [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asturias wikipedia]
*[[Escanda]] is pleased to welcome us, but they have a very important workcamp starting on the 30th of June. So you have to be there some days before, not to disturb them.
other places
==Recent topics==
==Questions,Advices or anything else==
===How to move arround===

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About Asturias


Recent topics

Questions,Advices or anything else

How to move arround


  • Total distance: ? km
  • Official biketour Asturian number: +34 630206916 (Guillem)
Coordinators are Elena from Escanda
  • Ideas:

Sleeping places

June 23 (Sunday) CARAVIA beach (confirmed)
  • ROUTE: Train from Bilbao:
    • Bilbao 13.02 -> Santander 15.58
    • Santader 16.10 -> Ribadesella 18.52
      • The info about the train should be seen more up under Bilbao
    • Then cycle 15km till Caravia (the beach is somewhere in between Villaviciosa and Ribadesella) I talked with Fran and he told me that it's the beach after vega.
  • On the 23th, it's a very magical night and some people are going to celebrate the solstice on a beach called CARAVIA. There will be a camping space, concerts, fire,... Biketour is welcome to stay there that night. That beach is somewhere in between Villaviciosa and Ribadesella (on the eastern coast of Asturias).
  • SLEEP: Caravia beach
    • How to get there: Please check map !
      • Text instructions: Go on National road (632), after passing pueblo Caravia, you should see the beach at your right after 3km.
  • Contact person: Fran (+34) 620.61.78.74
    • Fran will be unavailable 23rd (no network coverage), so contacts should be made before or from 24th afternoon.
June 24 (Monday) La Castańal (confirmed for 25 but re-confirmed to 24)
  • ROUTE: Caravia - La Castańal, around 50km
  • The village close to Nava called La Castańal. Hosts want to propose a workshop, perhaps on "world dancing", some other artistic stuff is possible. It is fine to cycle from Caravia to La Castańal.
  • SLEEP: La Castańal village/community
    • How to get there: Please check map !
      • Text instructions: Go till Nava, Then exit on road towards Bimenes (251). At Priandi cross the river and be aware of signs to La Castanal (that should be on the left side).
  • Contact person: Fran (+34) 620.61.78.74
    • Fran will be unavailable 23rd (no network coverage), so contacts should be made before or from 24th afternoon.
June 25 (Thursday) IXUXU, Soto de Rey, Oviedo area (probably cancelled)
  • ROUTE: Escanda - Ixuxu, 30km
    • Group will probably skip it and go directly to Escanda
  • Nice eco-farm in Asturias. There's space to camp. It's a very beautiful place with chestnut woods, horses, sheep,... There is a few people living there, and some more people living outside help out in the farm, or building the straw-bell house and yurts, ...
  • SLEEP: Ixuxu farm

Contact person from Ixuxu: Alicia, tel: (+34) 985.796.893

June 26 (Tuesday) ESCANDA, south of Pola de Lena area (confirmed)

Contact person from Escanda: Elena

June 27 (Wednesday) ESCANDA (confirmed)
  • rest day in Escanda
  • SLEEP: Escanda community

Cancelled places

before was: June 29 (Thursday) LIBELULA, Avilés (north) (confirmed and canceled by phone)
Susana says that she will visit Escanda and the group
  • ROUTE: Ixuxu - Libelula

(note: people here have been strongly recommending that you don't go south-west from Pola cos it's very steep, it's right through very high mountains. So, you might have to go back to the coastline to go towards Galicia.)

  • If u choose to come to Libelula, you can camp on a field next to Avilés (+/- 40 km from Oviedo). Susana is living close to there and she cultivates vegetables for the other people in her agroecological cooperative (called Libélula). She's extremely sweet and she can tell u a lot about the surroundings or the social networks in asturias.
  • SLEEP: agroecological cooperative Libelula

Contact person from Libelula: Susana (+34) 985.56.37.86

before was: June 30 (Friday) NAVIA (north-west of town Navia) (canceled by phone)
  • ROUTE: Libelula - Navia (Navia is some 70km from Avilés)
  • It's a zone where there's quite a nice bunch of people from very different backgrounds and ages. The couple who would host you on their field are

teachers and live in a very beautiful place above the sea. This group of people hosted the annual asturian ecologist "gathering" to protest against the massive plans of exporting water til the coastline for huge touristic plans (buildings and golf courses....). Unfortunately they don't really feel like doing another protest end of june, but I guess somebody from biketour could probably give them some ideas or encourage them...

  • SLEEP: the field at Navia

Contact person from Navia: Yolanda & Manolo, tel: (+34) 985.47.41.40