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* [[Organization Call-out 2012]]
* [[Organization Call-out 2012]]
* [[Biketour 2012/1st Flyer]]
* [[Biketour 2012/1st Flyer]]
* [[Host request 2012]]
== Where to publicize it ==
== Where to publicize it ==

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Overview 2012

Organization Call-out 2012

Call-out 2012

Host request 2012

+ Why are we touring by bicycle? +

  1. Because it will be a crazy awesome adventure.
  2. We want to influence by example: if we can travel hundreds of km from one place to the next hauling loads of gear, surely you can manage to ride your bike to go grocery shopping a few km down the road!
  3. The revolution will be pedal powered.

Winter meeting

Wintermeeting 2012

This year the winter meeting will be held in Cerbere on the French side of the Spain/France border. For more info click here.

The route

Route 2012

This years tour begins in Spain and finishes in Italy. The theme is degrowth and we are now searching for projects and actions to visit and participate in this summer.

Here is a google map where we are starting to collect route ideas, please add any; places, projects, action camps, ecovillages, contacts which we could visit along the way.


BT 2012 advertising material - Let's keep a track of flyers, the booklet, design (put all links for propaganda materials on this wikipage)

BT 2012 workshop

Last year in Italy we held a workshop by a lake which looked as the past present and future of biketour, find the BT 2012 workshop notes here.

Money from past years

500€ from last year with Helene, R&D bank details given

310.70€ with Alice in cash (460.70€ minus 150€ used to pay the translator)


Links 2012

Needs Translation

This texts needs to be translated for the website into key languages (of countries we are passing on - French, Catalan, Castellano, Italian):

Where to publicize it

Degrowth Conference in Venice

There is a big Degrowth conference from 19th-23rd September 2012, Research and Degrowth here in Barcelona are involved with organising this and it has been proposed that this is the final destination of the tour. We aim to find a camp outside of town to unite us rather than scattering through the city. We would link with the conference with some kind of action and negotiate free entry for BT participants for part of the conference.

Here is the latest conference information available in english.