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2013 Overview

+ Why are we touring by bicycle? +

  1. We want to influence by example: if we can travel hundreds of km from one place to the next hauling loads of gear, surely you can manage to ride your bike to go grocery shopping a few km down the road!
  2. The revolution will be pedal powered.
  3. Because it will be a crazy awesome adventure.

2013 Route Ideas

This year the tour is likely to start in Berlin (tbc) and will go "east or south". During the Winter Meeting (see below) we will clarify, what "east or south" means. The theme (also to be confirmed at the Winter Meeting) is "borders, boundaries and beyond" (tbc) and we are now searching for projects and actions in Eastern Europe to join this summer.

To come: A map of route ideas. Please add any places, projects, action camps, ecovillages, contacts which we could visit along the way here: or send your suggestions and proposals to


  • Berlin: No Border Camp, Date unknown
  • Berlin: (bike) path along the former berlin wall: totally combines the border topic with biking!
  • Berlin: regenbogenwerkstatt, kreuzberg (bike repair workshop)
  • Berlin: friedel / f54: small social centre with communal kitchen, space for meetings and silk screen printing facility / equipment
  • Brandenburg (close to Berlin): Tagungshaus Wernsdorf []
  • Brandenburg (close to Berlin): Kesselberg
  • Münsterland: July 19 - 27, Anti-nuclear camp


  • Łódź: bike riksha manufacture
  • Gorki Wielkie: village near Bielsko-Biala: Art, Nature and Exchange. Projects surrounding the museum devoted to a local writer, Zofia Kossak.
    • Summer festival with actors, musicians, painters and sculptors from across Europe.
    • Eco Art Scupture Workshops for local young people (19-28th July 2013)
  • anti fracking activists / areas
  • ...
  • ...


  • iron curtain trail (eurovelo 13) along the czech/austrian border
  • ...



  • Oberösterreich (Gmunden): (open technology space)
  • Niederösterreich (close to Wien): CSA Ochsenherz
  • Burgenland: Nikitsch collective farm
  • Steiermark: Wieserhoisl
  • Kärnten/Koroška: Peršmanhof
  • Wien: Bikekitchen
  • Wien: TÜWI, Gagarin
  • Wien: Critial Mass (3rd Friday of month)
  • Wien: Gaswerk Leopoldau
  • Wien: Guerilla Garden
  • Wien: FoodCoops


  • ...


  • Prekmurje: Art Center
  • Prekmurje: (projected?) hydro power plants in Mura river
  • Maribor: Pekarna Social Centre
  • Maribor: Urban Farrows
  • Ljubljana: ROG (Squat and former bike factory)
  • Ljubljana: Metelkova (squatted complex in the city including art, music, party, social and political groups, libraries, galleries, DIY workshops, infoshop, etc.)
  • Koper: MKC social youth centre




  • Rosia Montana: struggle against gold mine (former reclaim the fields meeting point)
  • ...


  • ...



  • ...

Events without confirmed places / Other people on the road to cross with

  • noborder camp(s)
  • cyclocamp (roma, italia)
  • climate camp(s)
  • energy / land struggle
  • Cottbus (Mid July) via Berlin to western DE
    • possible crossing: between Berlin and Cottbus
  • Sustainable Tour along the complete Danube River (MAR - SEP)
    • possible crossing: (probably too far ahead; in HR on JUL 1st already...)

2013 Visa Issues

Will be researched once the route decision has been taken (after winter meeting; see below).

Travel plans and advice

Page where people can share this if they would like to.

  • to come: list with (cheap) travel opportunities for germany and the greater region

2013 Kick-off days

This is likely to be a weekend in the first weeks of july. (to be confirmed at the Winter Meeting)

What can we do during the kick-off days?

  • Bike repair workshop
    • Regenbogenwerkstatt?
  • Rocket stove workshop
  • Organising Ourselves: BT 2013 structure
  • First aid workshop / course? (Red Cross, THW, etc.?)
  • Workshop planning
  • Action planning
  • City Critical Mass
  • Coincide with exisiting bike or border event
  • Organise a Bike or Border event ...

Keep your proposals coming ......!

Things needed for biketour

Biketour as a collective "has" some collective stuff (pans / trailers), which are collectively transported and used during the tour. During the rest of the year, these things are stored in different places and should all come together again by the start of the next tour. Things used in 2012 and planned to use in 2013 can be found on the 2013 Equipment page. Please update this page with the things you have and write how they can get to the starting point of the tour!

Every individual joining the tour will have to use some private stuff. See page what to bring for ideas about what participants need.

The tour lives from its different people and all the (material and immaterial) things that these people bring and share. On the 2013 Equipment page you can announce what kind of additional things you will bring to the tour. This can help us to make sure in advance that we won't find ourselves in the strange situations of having 25 guitars but no single bike pump ;). You can also find some inspirations on what to bring.

2013 Major Mass Communications

2013 Organization Call-out

2013 Call-out

2013 Host request

2013 Print Material On the Road

  • BT booklet 2013: including schedule, description of places
  • small language book
  • maps?
  • ...?


  • ...
  • Where to publicize it
    • some ideas on last year's page [Biketour 2012]
    • put new ideas here!
    • ...

Needs Translation

These texts need to be translated into key languages (of countries we are passing on - in every case german and polish; maybe czeck, slovakian, hungarian, slovene, naš jezik; and any other language you like!). Please translate them into a new paragraph onto the page of the specific text linked below:

  • ...

2013 Winter meeting

(better call it spring meeting...:) )

Date and time: MAR 22-24 2013; Berlin please email to info((A+))ecotopiabiketour((D0T))net for details

Logistics and info

  • BT coordinators will arrange meeting and sleeping places
  • Berlin-based people: Please tell us if you could also host people, especially for the days before and after
  • Persons having confirmed their attendance so far (as of MAR 11): 10 Yes, 4 Maybe, many non-replies
  • Like in past years, we can try to share travel costs in solidarity; how to do this is a discussion point of the agenda
  • Please bring:
    • mats / sleeping bags
    • BT equipment if you took home some of it in summer (or the years before ;))
    • maybe a laptop, if you can; usb or external hard drives to share data (e.g. photos)
    • Energy and enthusiasm!! - Although there is a lot to get through, there will also be time for a BT social / collective event/ workshop to bring something to share!
    • ...

Agenda topics (please help collecting before the meeting starts!): or email alternative points and agendas to

  • the route (general direction) - considering:
    • countries/regions/cities/villages/projects
    • theme/motto and "campaign slogans" (e.g. "cycling for ....."
    • theme related places
    • climate, topography
    • visa and legal difficulties
    • people/collectives available to help in specific places
    • safety (repression, police violence, aggressive people and groups, ...)
    • Documentation and dissemination along or after the tour
    • Legacy - what do we hope to achieve by the end of the tour?
  • Coordination Scheme
    • Local coordinators? Teams? From the office and centrally email-based?
    • Pre-visits?
  • Finances
    • overview: costs of a bike tour
    • status quo
    • scenarios and hopes
    • plan Bs and Cs
  • reflection of the last bike tour (personal impressions and points) > formulation of improvement strategies
  • Communication
    • Internet Communication, (a)'social' media, data privacy and free software @ biketour
    • comprehensive database of addresses to send out releases ("press list")
  • Basic agreements
    • minimum advised length of participation (one, two weeks)?
    • vegan/vegetarian
    • expectations
  • Future
    • Biketour 2014
      • Route proposals
      • Theme proposals
      • EVS (yes or no?)
  • Travel costs for Wintermeeting (solidarian sharing)