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[[Category:Biketour 2016]]
[[Category:Biketour 2016]]
* [[Winter Meeting 2016 Agenda]]
'''Biketour Winter Meeting agenda'''
We will meet in Berlin at undecided location between 19-24 February 2016.
* Friday: coming to the meeting, talking about the agenda for the following days
* Saturday, Sunday: discussing, deciding - as many people as possible should come for this. Points to discuss: all equipment issues (location, transport, needs), the route – north to south or south to north/ east to west, west to east?, whether we are going to have a theme, whether to send flyers by post to advertise tour, starting point – first project where we will meet, and the date of the bike tour begin, Russia and Belarus - the visa issue
* Monday, Tuesday: doing practical work (e.g. finalizing flyers, deciding on the route, assessing equipment, etc.),  creating a bike tour booklet – zine with information, how things are organised, how tasks are done, how the tour is prepared - can be a smaller team of people
* Wednesday: leaving

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Biketour 2016

The template for the callout email


Ecotopia Biketour is a self-organized political bicycle tour that has been cycling through different parts of Europe each summer since 1990. Between June and September 2016, we will cycle through Baltic States, Poland, Belarus and Russia. On our way we will visit self-organized alternative social centres, anti-racist and feminist groups, self-sustainable communities, environmental campaigns and other projects trying to create a better society. We are an always changing group of different ages, nationalities and political backgrounds, usually between 20 to 40 people.

We would be interested in visiting you on our way. We don't have any exact dates yet but, if possible, would like to stay with you for two to four nights.

We will probably be around 20-40 people (about 12-24 tents). We cannot afford and oppose the idea of paying for sleeping (apart from a small donation to cover any costs that we have caused for electricity and water) but are very happy and eager to do some work in return for your hospitality. We also cook three meals a day (we have cooking equipment with us and cook on fire), which you are happily invited to join. Would you be interested in our visit?

You can visit our website www.ecotopiabiketour.net and our facebook page www.facebook.com/ecotopia.biketour

Greetings, [insert your name here] from the Ecotopia Biketour Collective