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  • Ask for food that would be thrown out at bakeries and markets
  • Suggestion: 3 priorities:
    1. Dumpster-diving / asking for leftover food
    2. Buying at local farms, small shops, organic shops
    3. Buying at supermarkets (non-organic?)
  • Introduction to the topic of stealing

From 2012

Where to get food?

  • Check the map to see where we will stay and try to predict where you can find stores, markets, farms and forests to get food on the way. Think carefully about opening and closing times (for example in some countries on Sundays or on national holidays).
  • Look out for locals selling home made products along the way. It is GREAT to support them when we get the chance.
  • Forage for food: look for wild fruit trees, berries, herbs for tea, plants for salad, wild mushrooms... Orchards often only harvest their trees once, so these are a good place to stop.
  • Donations: If you think it is appropriate, you could ask for a food donation: wait till a moment when there are not so many customers in the store, introduce yourself, tell the biketour story and maybe sing a song or something else fun, and hope for the best!
  • Search bakeries and try to secure some (free) bread in the late afternoon or near to closing time.
  • Containers/bins/skips from shops: they are often filled with stuff that is perfectly delicious. Find them somewhere around the shops, they might be hidden away behind a fence or even locked.