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Why a Booklet?

On past bike tours, a Booklet has provided participants with the most important general things about Ecotopia Biketour, but it also contained a specicif day-by-day route schedule, overview maps and practical tools/manuals (like techniques for consensus decision making, basic words in multiple languages, etc.). Here's the example from 2013

The Booklet was ready before the start of the tour, so that people could print it out, read it at home or during their travel to the tour and always have it with them on the tour as well. "Spontaneiuos" participants that were "picked up" on the route could use the Booklet to quickly inform themselves about the Biketour Project.

Content Ideas

So what do we want to have in our Booklet in 2014? Post your ideas here:

  • Info Boxes:
    • Local currencies
  • Maps
    • Other Tours of 2014
    • Past Ecotopiabiketours
  • Language Issues
    • Table with basic words in all languages of regions passed through (Hello, Thank you, Right/Left, Water, Air, ...)
  • description of (last year's) daily tasks: tail, scouts, route, welcomer, money, food, blog....
  • there is a quite big selection of texts already from last year that never made it into a booklet/zine, plus a whole folder of diy-instructions in several languages


 From a 2012 participant: This year the tour crossed two national borders – I witnessed one of these crossings
 during my stay. It went along pretty unimpressive: Just a sign on the road. The topic of borders wasn't discussed 
 at all in our group, not even the question to some of us, whether they were even able to cross these borders easily with 
 their passports. Now this can actually say something about a group of people for whom national borders just „don't count“, 
 which I consider a healthy state of mind. Nevertheless, leaving these powerful constructs totally out of the view is 
 obscuring a dark part of present-day society, as well as important events of the past.



1. Front page

2. Index. Map 3. What are we doing?/ why? And how?

4. How do we organise ourselves. Consensus. 5. Teams. Get involved. / D.I.O.

6. Common values. Positive participation guidelines. 7. Projects

8. Projects2 9. Projects3 (if needed)

10. Themes 11. Themes2

D.I.Y. LIBRARY (order must be revised)

1. Cover

2. Health 3. Language page

4. Songs 5. Recipes

6. Bike maintenance 7. Bike parts (the übercool picture)

8. Food 9. Migrations

10. Floss 11. Organisational stuff (wheel)

12. Media library


Route map Time table