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Ecotopia 2010

Ecotopia is notorganised anymore by EYFA. A German collective is organising Ecotopia 2010 in the flaeming region. Read more on

At first it seemed clear that The Bikeour would end up in Ecotopia, but medio November 2009 there are is renewed discussion amongst some people if the Biketour shouldnt choose another destination.

Ecotopia 2009

In 2009 no Ectopia was organised.

Ecotopia 2008

Ecotopia in Sarikum (website) In 2008 the annual Ecotopia Gathering (= a meeting of activist individuals and groups, focusing on issues of environment and social justice) will take place between 9-23 August in Sarikum (Turkey), close to the city Sinop at the Black Sea coast. Ecotopia's site will be near a location determined for the construction of a nuclear power station. Main theme of this years gathering will be energy. We will protest against the use of nuclear energy and focus on possible environmental and sustainable solutions for the energy crisis. You are invited to take part, and discuss this and other issues, support local activists and meet with groups from different parts of Europe.

What is Ecotopia?

Ecotopia is an international gathering of young people from all over Europe involved or interested in environmental and social justice issues.Ecotopia takes place every summer since 1989, each year in a different country. It is organised by EYFA (European Youth For Action) and by a local grassroots environmental organisation as host organisation. In 2005 the 17th edition took place in Moldova.

Ecotopia is a place for learning, exchanging experiences and spreading information about environmental, social, political and other issues. Around 200 - 600 people attends Ecotopia each year, to share skills and discuss about a wide range of themes related to environmental problems: climate change, transport and mobility, GMOs, organic food, eco-building and sustainable infrastructure, global politics and global economic system, strategies for actions, experiences of campaigns, alternative media, migration, racism and xenophobia, cultural issues, influence on and of people...

Ecotopia is also a functional model of self-sustainable community that puts into practice the principles of an environmentally friendly life-style: waste recycling, vegetarian kitchen, consensus decision-making, the use of alternative energy...Where possible, Ecotopians participate in regional actions and clean ups, try to get local people interested in ecological problems and empower local organizations.

Ecotopia is horizontally and self- organised; everyone is asked to take part in runnig the camp, solving problems and decision-making. And everybody is responsible for creating the programme!

Ecotopia operates on the ecorates system - an alternative economic system based on living standards and income of people rather than financial markets, which means that you pay for food at Ecotopia the same amount as you would pay for it in your own country.

One of the best ways to come to Ecotopia has always been the Biketor.

Ecotopia 2007

Ecotopia is a yearly two-week camp of activists from around Europe and an open gathering for everyone involved or interested in environmental and social justice issues. Therefore, it's an important opportunity to share skills, learn, create and network!

Ecotopia takes place every summer since 1989, each year in a different country. It is organized by EYFA (European Youth For Action) and by local grassroots environmental organizations as host organizations. This year, the 19th Ecotopia will take place between August 4th - 19th in Aljezur, south of Portugal.

For more information about Ecotopia see &

Ecotopia 2006

Ecotopia will take place in Zajezka, a beautiful place in Javorie mountains in Slovakia, from 6th to 20th of August.

Zajezka is a rural community in central Slovakia, where around 40 people live in houses scattered throughout the area. The Zajezka community exists 10 years and runs various projects related to traditional arts and crafts, alternative technologies, permaculture, rural development, etc. Please take a look at

The main topic of the Ecotopia 2006 will be Art and Activism. Beside Art & Activism, the program will cover various topics. There will be possibilities for joining the local activities as well.

Ecotopia 2006 callout will be sent around soon. Please, spread the word. Everyone is invited, and everyone is welcome to take part in creating the program by giving workshops!!

Ecotopia 2005

the Ecotopia Gathering will start this year on 1st of August

it will be in Saharna, district rezina, near the river nistru.

more about ecotopia on