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(Collective Group Equipment as of 2014)
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| A netbook/laptop - so we can blog along the way!
| A netbook/laptop - so we can blog along the way!
| Christabel will bring one called Bilbo
| Christabel will bring one called Bilbo, Candid will also bring one

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Here we keep a record of the collective equipment needed/thought/available for each Biketour.

If you want to know what you should bring generally see here -> participant equipment recomendation or in the FAQs on www.ecotopiabiketour.net

Collective Group Equipment as of 2014

  • Trailers
    • We have two Bob trailers - one is with the coordinators in Thessaloniki, another travelling with a 2013 participant hopefully arriving in time.
    • We will maybe borrow a third one from Lastenradkollektiv in Vienna - Lollipop: http://www.lastenradkollektiv.at/fuhrpark-anhaenger/ - if you happen to come to the start of the tour and pass through Vienna please contact us in order to assist with transport
  • Cooking utensils - the majority of last year's cooking equipment is in Cluj, Romania with a collective where we spent the last days of 2013 biketour - HELP NEEDED TO GET IT TO THE START OF 2014 IN SOFIA!!
    • 1x big silver/ black pot + 1x big lid; metal
    • 2x medium black/ sliver pots
    • 1x medium black teflon pot
    • 2x medium pan lids; one blue, one metal
    • 1x white enamel washing up bowl
    • 3x white water containers (only 1 has a lid)
    • 5x white plastic chopping boards
    • 1x grater
    • 1x long wooden stirring spoon
    • 2x flat wooden spoons
    • 1x white/ yellow ladle
    • 1x small blue ladle
    • 1x wooden masher
    • 1x orange handled shovel
    • 1x red bag of spokes and skewers
  • It would be good if you sort out your bike yourself. However, if you don't have a bike/cannot bring one, write to us and to the list, maybe we can point you to somewhere and/or people on the route can help you out (probably someone who is leaving can lend you their bike etc.
What? Who can bring it? / Who will take care of it? Where to get it (cheaply or for free)?
2 Rocket Stoves (bucket-sized tins, stove L-pipes, Perlite, screws; materials needed to build it during Kick-Off Days in Sofia) ... Restaurants, Markets?
One more Trailer? One is in Thessaloniki and will be taken to Sofia Potentials: From Lastenradkollektiv in Vienna? From a cycling organisation in Sofia?
Medical Kit ... Red Cross? Pharmacy?
liquid Propolis ... ...
colloidal silver ... ...

We have some basic tools plus a few special ones (crank remover, cassette tool) that will be communal, you can add here what you will bring. Take a look if your bicycle needs a very special tool.

Crank Remover, Cassette/Freewheel tool Some may be borrowed from the Thessaloniki Bike Collective and other Bike workshops (either older stuff as donations or do wholesale order together)
Big box for carrying spices, tea etc. ...
A netbook/laptop - so we can blog along the way! Christabel will bring one called Bilbo, Candid will also bring one
Walkie-Talkies ... Ask through lists
Mobile phones, charger and cheap prepaid SIM cards (preferably for all countries crossed) Christabel will bring solar charger with various leads for charging Ask through lists, freeshop
Battery charger for batteries of bike lights or mobile devices ... ...
Plastic covers for map to keep them dry Anyone who likes paper maps got one of these?
If possible ONE general BIODEGRADABLE shampoo, toothpaste and dishwash and a big handsoap?. Toothpaste and laundry liquid: order beforehand from self organised projects in Thessaloniki. Washing-up liquid, shampoo and sun-cream: we could find these in similar places, but please feel free to bring these along.
Fairer traded coffee / tea ... wholesale order through food-coop?
* 1 big cooking pot In Cluj
* 2 plastic cups
* cutlery (just a few things) Thessaloniki
* soap dispenser:
* grater Thessaloniki
* plastic bags
* 1 smaller cooking pot may have in a suitable one in Thessaloniki
* 3 big wooden spoons
* 4 chopping boards 2 in Thessaloniki, others currently in Cluj
* some good knives Some in Thessaloniki (everyone will probably bring at least one)
* colander(sieve) One small one in Thessaloniki
* peelers one in Thessaloniki
* something to mash or blend stuff
* big bowl One in Thessaloniki
* glass jars for dressings some in Thessaloniki
* plastic bottles/containers for soaking beans, chickpeas etc.
* some communal spoons (for dressings, honey etc.)
* kitchen towels (2)
* sponges
* cleaning soap
* handsoap for cooks
* matches, lighters
* washing bowl ... ...

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