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Here we keep a record of the equipment needed/thought for each biketour, it's good to make a group equipment list and also a participant equipment recomendation

Planned Group Equipment List for 2012

  • Trailers - We have two trailers in Barcelona, do we need more? Austin offered one.
  • Rocket Stove - something like 2010 rocket stove - light, ecological and mostly free
  • Biketools - maybe we could rely mostly on personal tools (but it wouldn't hurt to have some common tools)
  • Medical Kit - same as biketools
  • Cooking utensils - Pots, cutting board, knifes, grider,
  • Propaganda Material - Booklets, leaflets, t-shirts, stickers, posters, whatever

Planned Equipment List for 2010

Trailers - 2 or 3 - we are still trying to get 1 or 2 from Zagreb (we need to replace their axles and generally do some maintenance before using them), plus Moritz' trailer, maybe buy another one?

Rocket stove - one large and one small - we need to build these - maybe a workshop in London or Yorkshire?

Gas stoves - only small ones which some participants bring with them?

Biketools? (but maybe rely on the tools brought by participants)

Medical kit (anyone know where this is?) If we find the old we should check its contents and replace anything missing.

If possible ONE general BIODEGRADABLE shampoo, toothpaste and dishwash and a big handsoap is recommended to buy (and in a lot of countries those biodegradable products are hard to find). One general high factor sun-cream can be good too.

Pots - There is only 1 big pot (22liters) left from last years biketour (in Zagreb?). Needed additionally is a thinner metal pot one size smaller, and a small pot (2 liters or so) could be handy too for coffee and sauces

A big plastic box that wouldnt break easily, can be usefull to cary food supplies like rise, coffee, teas, etc Smaller boxes are quickly recycled while traveling from the packaging of daily food, so not needed to buy

Wooden cutting boards that we bought were too heavy, and finally left out of the supply- take 2 plastic ones instead

Same for the knives: 2 sharp big knives, 1 small and a bread-knife will do, together with a big soup spoon, 2 large wooden spoons, perhaps a flat grinder (rasp). Check if they are still with the trailers



Biketour information leaflets

Some spare bikes? If you are thinking coming to the tour without a bike let us know, there might be ways of getting a spare one.

Our Stuff


Bob's after 2011 BT

  • One with seb in england
  • The one that was with massimo, in italy, is now in MArishiweu squat, in barcelona, ready to be picked up (after the Bob axel arrive)

not used in 2009


  • one with WCN @ Prague

other stuff

  • a laptop with jan in vienna
Daniel: Who is Jan?
taborda: i think we can give up of this laptop (probably too old and lost)
  • last year pots at Zagreb and Prague
  • printed trailer banners at Zagreb
  • some pots from 2004 in the EYFA office
    • the only pots Jan knows about are from 2004 still in Amesterdam eyfa office

See also


do you know of any other bt-stuff floating around ?