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Here we keep a record of the collective equipment needed/thought/available for each Biketour.

If you want to know what you should bring generally see here -> participant equipment recomendation or in the FAQs on

What we have

What? Where is it? Who is responsible?
1-wheel trailer Berlin Candid
1-wheel trailer Somewhere in Bulgaria Candid is taking care of contacting Caroxo
2-wheel trailer Bratislava Michal
German SIM card with cheap rates for EU Berlin Candid

What we need

What? Who can bring it? / Who will take care of it? Where to get it (cheaply or for free)?
2 Medical Kit Red Cross? Pharmacy?
Liquid Propolis
Colloidal Silver
Biketools: Crank Remover, Cassette/Freewheel tool, allen keys, chain link remover
Big box for carrying spices, tea etc.
A netbook/laptop - so we can blog along the way!
Walkie-Talkies Ask through lists
Mobile phones, charger and cheap prepaid SIM cards (preferably for all countries crossed) Ask through lists, freeshop
Battery charger for batteries of bike lights or mobile devices
Raincover bag for paper material (maps, info folders, contact details of projects etc.) Anyone got a spare rainproof bag, like you may use on a bike trip for your sleeping bag?
Plastic covers for map to keep them dry while riding Anyone who likes paper maps got one of these to share communally for the scouts?
If possible ONE general BIODEGRADABLE shampoo, toothpaste and dishwash and a big handsoap?. Washing-up liquid, shampoo and sun-cream: feel free to bring these along, we're running out of time to go around looking for these
Fairer traded coffee / tea wholesale order through food-coop?
Lighters & matches
Sewing Kit
2 big cooking pots with lids - 1 taller light steel pot (that fits inside) 1 short, wider aluminium cooking pot
1 smaller cooking pot
2 x box graters
4 bowls (preferably stainless steel and the same size!)
2 long wooden spoons
4 chopping boards
some good knives (everyone will probably bring at least one)
* peelers
something to mash or blend stuff
2 plastic cups
cutlery (just a few things) including some communal spoons!
glass jars for dressings
4 large plastic containers for soaking beans, chickpeas etc. and storing herbs (preferably stackable!)
2 kitchen towels
cleaning soap
handsoap for cooks
soap dispenser
plastic bags
matches, lighters
washing bowl


  • Cooking utensils - the majority of last year's cooking equipment is in Cluj, Romania with a collective where we spent the last days of 2013 biketour - HELP NEEDED TO GET IT TO THE START OF 2014 IN SOFIA!!
    • 1x big silver/ black pot + 1x big lid; metal
    • 2x medium black/ sliver pots
    • 1x medium black teflon pot
    • 2x medium pan lids; one blue, one metal
    • 1x white enamel washing up bowl
    • 3x white water containers (only 1 has a lid)
    • 5x white plastic chopping boards
    • 1x grater
    • 1x long wooden stirring spoon
    • 2x flat wooden spoons
    • 1x white/ yellow ladle
    • 1x small blue ladle
    • 1x wooden masher
    • 1x orange handled shovel
    • 1x red bag of spokes and skewers