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Here we keep a record of the collective equipment needed/thought/available for each Biketour.

If you want to know what you should bring generally see here -> participant equipment recomendation or in the FAQs on

What? Where is it? Who is responsible? Comment / Where to get
1-wheel trailer Berlin Candid
1-wheel trailer Somewhere in Bulgaria Candid is taking care of contacting Caroxo
2-wheel trailer Berlin Candid
German SIM card with cheap rates for EU Berlin Candid
Medical Kit Red Cross? Pharmacy?
Biketools: Crank Remover, Cassette/Freewheel tool, allen keys, chain link remover (what exactly?)
Big box for carrying spices, tea etc.
Communal phone (dual-SIM) + charger
Waterproof bag for paper Berlin Candid
2 big cooking pots with lids - 1 taller light steel pot (that fits inside) 1 short, wider aluminium cooking pot
1 smaller cooking pot
2 x box graters
4 bowls (preferably stainless steel and the same size!)
2 long wooden spoons
4 chopping boards
some good knives (everyone will probably bring at least one)
* peelers
something to mash or blend stuff
2 plastic cups
cutlery (just a few things) including some communal spoons!
glass jars for dressings
4 large plastic containers for soaking beans, chickpeas etc. and storing herbs (preferably stackable!)
2 kitchen towels
cleaning soap
handsoap for cooks
soap dispenser
plastic bags
matches, lighters
washing bowl


What? Who can bring it? / Who will take care of it? Where to get it (cheaply or for free)?
Liquid Propolis
Colloidal Silver
A netbook/laptop - so we can blog along the way!
Walkie-Talkies Ask through lists
Battery charger for batteries of bike lights or mobile devices
If possible ONE general BIODEGRADABLE shampoo, toothpaste and dishwash and a big handsoap?. Washing-up liquid, shampoo and sun-cream: feel free to bring these along, we're running out of time to go around looking for these
Fairer traded coffee / tea wholesale order through food-coop?
Lighters & matches
Sewing Kit


  • Cooking utensils - the majority of last year's cooking equipment is in Cluj, Romania with a collective where we spent the last days of 2013 biketour - HELP NEEDED TO GET IT TO THE START OF 2014 IN SOFIA!!
    • 1x big silver/ black pot + 1x big lid; metal
    • 2x medium black/ sliver pots
    • 1x medium black teflon pot
    • 2x medium pan lids; one blue, one metal
    • 1x white enamel washing up bowl
    • 3x white water containers (only 1 has a lid)
    • 5x white plastic chopping boards
    • 1x grater
    • 1x long wooden stirring spoon
    • 2x flat wooden spoons
    • 1x white/ yellow ladle
    • 1x small blue ladle
    • 1x wooden masher
    • 1x orange handled shovel
    • 1x red bag of spokes and skewers