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please type your questions here and get them answered
or ask them at our mailing lists
-biketour veterans: could you scan around our old websites and wikis, get some FAQ's and dump them here? thanks


  • What is biketour?
  • Where and when it will happen?
    • 1st of June (Barcelona) to some days after start of Ecotopia at 4th of August
    • The Route is probably one of the most dynamic pages in this wiki ;)
  • Who to contact?
  • How much does it cost?


  • question
    • answer


  • do I need to bring my bike?
  • how do I transport my bike across europe?
  • What kind of bike do I need?

The one that you already have. Any kind would do (judging from previous years of Biketour), but with some bikes it will be easier. In ideal case, the most recommended would be bikes invented for traveling: trekking and touring bikes. If you have mountain bike, don't forget to put ROAD TIRES. If you have road (racing) bike, don't forget to put rough tires. This will make your life much easier.

  • What kind of a bike I DON'T need?

The one which is already broken. New one but super cheap from a supermarket. Super expensive top-of-the-class bike. Extremely heavy weight bike. Full suspension downhill bike. Avoid to bring borrowed bike you haven't tried before (or better - if you will borrow the bike, try it before Biketour, mostly to avoid problems with the size of the bike).

  • What material do I need for my bike?
  • Is there anyone taking care of my bike and reparing my flat tyres?
  • I heard that you carry everything by bike, how can I do it?
  • And that you have "trailers". What's that? and will I be able to carry them?
  • What should I avoid bringing (bike stuff)?
  • what advices would you give me for a safe, easy, cycling during biketour?