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Future possibilities


BT are applying to the following funds:

  • Youth in Action EVS - Greek Agency [S & BT Orgs] (deadline 1st May / 1st October 2013)


BT are applying to the following funds:[email info[at] if you are able to help / support with any of the following the application]

Add your suggestions with links here, or you name if you can help with one of the suggestions.

Applications applied to:

  • Youth in Action (EU) - European Voluntary Service (EVS) hosted in DE [1] (UNSUCESSFUL)
  • Edge Fund UK [2] [AO] - (APPLIED 22 APRIL)
  • Edge Fund UK [3] [KB] - (APPLIED 22 APRIL - BT video working group)
  • Camp for Climate Action UK leftover-funds as the group dissolved (Applied 15 MAY - UNSUCESSFUL)
  • Youth in Action (EU) - Youth Exchange organised from AT [4] - (APPLIED 01 MAY by partner organisation for a comprehensive autumn meeting funding)

Applications in progress:

  • Chatrity Pot [5] LUSH UK [KB looking into - happy for help] (no set deadline)
  • XminY [6] [KB looking into - happy for help] (no set deadline)

Applications you could help with:

  • Lush Germany [7] ??? [....] (no set deadline)
  • [8] - we could also apply to some of the countries we are passing through - this migh t have a better chance because there will be less 'competition' ??? [....] (no set deadline)



BT recieved funds from:

  • Youth in Action EVS


BT successfully received funds from:

  • Alert
  • Artists Project Earth (Applied in a joint application with ArtsAdmin, based in London)
  • XminY
  • EVS

Friends of the Earth Flanders hosted one co-ordinator through their EVS grant, but they applied for it themselves and we jumped in for the biketour project to be part of it.


See Links BT 2009 - Balkans#Donations & Meeting minutes/Felt the heat#Finances [ Marcha ]

Budget & Projest Plan examples

For fundraising you need a budget and a project plan. See here for an example project plan.