Getting to and from the biketour 2012

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  • I'm starting from Barcelona but I live here so that's easy.
  • Getting back - I haven't made any set plans but I'll be travelling from Venice back to Barcelona sometime after 20th September and would be happy to share the journey. Probably take regional trains which like bikes and take 1000 years.


  • starting from Antwerp, Belgium on Sat. July 7th. Train to Luxemburg. There nighttrain to Portbou which allows bikes for 10 euros! (total cost with bed in couchette 140 euros) You have to make a reservation for your bike. From Portbou regional train to Barcelona.
  • getting back: no set plans, probably from Cerbère with same nighttrain.


  • Going from Porto, north of Portugal to arrive in Barcelona 7 or 8 July. There is a bus that costs 80 euros but they dont like bikes so I may need to find other way.
  • Return to Portugal in middle of August.