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This page should serve as an overview over the different options to travel to the Biketour using public transportation. You can add here all the information about bus, train and ferry connections throughout Europe that might help getting to one of the places that the Biketour passes.

If you want to find other people to travel with, check out the page 2014 travel groups.

Where to find information

On Deutsche Bahn, you can search for train connections throughout Europe. There is some limited information about whether they take bikes.

On Loco2, you can search and book train connections throughout Europe to find the cheapest connection. Note that sometimes it calculates very long stays at the stations, so a better connection would be possible. I think there is no bike option to book.

On CheckMyBus, you can search coaches throughout Europe. Note that Eurolines goes almost everywhere, but generally does not take bikes.

How to get to the Balkan region from different places in Europe

From central Europe

Traveling from central Europe to the Balkan normally involves passing through Belgrade, passing either Zagreb or Budapest on the way, as this is where the main road and train connections go. OrangeWays operates coaches from Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and the Netherlands to Budapest. They accept bicycles for a fee of 7 euros, but they have to be disassembled.

There are two trains per day from Budapest to Belgrade, with a connecting train that splits in Niš with one half going to Sofia and the other half going to Skopje. There is also one train per day from Belgrade to Thessaloniki, but it isn’t synchronised with the train from Budapest.

Florentia Bus offers a coach from Firenze to Sofia via Trieste, Ljubljana, Zagreb and Belgrade that apparently takes bikes.

From Italy by ferry


From Turkey


General information about travelling within the Balkan region

In many countries of the Balkan area, trains generally don’t go any faster than 40 km/h, so coaches are faster but usually slightly more expensive. Trains are usually relatively cheap, so booking them last-minute at the station is still an acceptable option. For example, the standard fare from Zagreb to Sofia is about 50 euros.

(Todo: Write something about the Balkan pass. Maybe find a map of train/bus lines in the Balkan region)

Getting from and to individual places the Biketour passes