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[[Category:IT infrastructure]]
[[Category:IT Infrastructure]]

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  • You can start by learning on How_to_edit_Wiki for knowing basics about wiki formatting
  • You can have the help of online tools for checking your vocabulary doubts
  • The idea is to create only one page for each topic, and then dividing it according to languages with the "=" around
    • then to link you just need to use [[original#language|translated]] and result is: translated
      • You should replace "original" by the page name (english), "language" by the idiom in which you are translating, and "translated" with the foreigner word
        • Careful with the capitalization! It's better to put the language name without capital at the beginning
      • It's better to create new page with names in english and then translate them in the "complex" links as shown above
      • the names of languages should be with special characters (and no capitals) to avoid problems with links
  • When starting a new page, you can copy this "standard" code: