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i have 2 ideas for stickers:

1) we should have one sticker to mark the route, as addition to bt-sign, but a bit longer lasting and more reliable putting these stickers can be another task during the tour

here is an idea, how this sticker could look like u see, i am not the great photoshopper, this is just that u can get an idea the triangle should be more clearly pointing into one direction, the colour as bright as can be and there can some work be done on the font and the logo

2) i also would like to have lots of different outreach stickers local kids just love to et them, and they wil put them all over and make advertisement for us

travelling exhibition

i did a exhibition with laminated a4 photos of past tours. you can get the files from me but i was planning a lot more:

i am planning on a bt exhibition

we have 4 trailors so 8 sides to advertise with but i have a bigger exhibition in mind 2 sides a3 or a2 lamiated and a frame system to bundle them on the trailors even with 5 sheets per trailor we come to 10 per trailor and 40 in total but around 100 would be better such an exhibition is a good way to create space 4 an bt action on a market place. nad it has to work with as few words a posssible. do u know some good pictures/graphics/graphs about traffic ? or about other bt themes, local production, waste, community, whatever ... black and white would be great, i dod not know about our budget of this thing, if we can afford colour. i have the cartoons cd and will scann through the bt photos of 2003 to 2005 i have jan