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This is a selection of relevant links we have found, we will not be able to visit all these places but think they are worth you knowing about! If you have stuff to add just send us an email


  • We are very grateful to Research and Degrowth who are hosting Joao and Alice in Barcelona to help them get the ecotopia bike wheels in motion this summer.
  • Degrowth magazine is a great place find out more about degrowth and alternative economics.





  • Torri Superiore big eco-village and holiday accommodation in Western Liguria
  • Casa Gaia eco village since 2001, near Torino
  • Mezcal occupatto in Torino where the Reclaim the fields gathering was held this year
  • No TAV campaign in the Susa Valley near Torino, strong movement against the construction of a high speed rail line
  • Critical mass in Legano, ever second Wednesday of the month
  • Villa Vegan Squat in the area north of Milan
  • We are not the only ones who are taking a slower, more sustainable route to Venice for Degrowth this summer, Movimento Lento and La Compagnia dei Cammini are organising A passo lento verso la decrescita, 2 weeks walking and Cycling from Milan to Venice, we will meet them there!
  • Critical mass Milano, every Thursday
  • El Tamiso food cooperative network based in Padova
  • xm24 squatted market, amazing bike workshop in Bologna
  • Coop Dulcamara, Bologna
  • Appropriate technology, based near Bologna

Bikes bikes bikes

Events Fete du Plants et du jardinage bio 8th May, Mens, France Les Cévennes