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==Ecotopia Biketour 2014 and The ELGG platform==
Visit the main page of the EBT '''''www.ecotopiabiketour.net''' [http://www.ecotopiabiketour.net]<br>
In this coming BT2014, on the spring meeting, has been proposed to used the ELGG platform as internal communication.<br>
So, if the proposal is approved, the wiki will rest quite appart...
<b>What's E.L.G.G?</b><br>
Is a good way to safely work as a group comprising of disparate people.<br>
It has been suggested that E.L.G.G could be used by the bt-org list so that we know who is part of the list (and are sure it is them), communicate more safely and also it has a tool for task managing and another one for coming to a decision by consensus.
<b>How to use it?</b><br> if you want to participate and join us, contact us in <i>team-2014[at]ecotopiabiketour[dot]net</i>
anyway, for the 2014 wiki<br> '''>>>>>>>>>>>[[Biketour 2014]]<<<<<<<<<<<'''<br>
<small>'''!!!DATA REMINDER!!!
''This Wiki is a public space on the net. Be sensitive and responsible with the data you provide here. Think twice whether you, someone else or even groups/projects might have a problem (later) with information being posted here. Keep in mind that openness about information is a different thing from person to person and place to place and that unconscious handling of information can lead to problems later.''
You can lean [[How to edit Wiki]] for contributing here
<!--* Link this orphan pages: [[Special:Lonelypages]] -->
(''nb: to edit the wiki, you need to [[Special:Userlogin|login]] with your account. if you dont have one, you make it [[Special:Userlogin|here]])''</small>
==Basic Information==
==Basic Information==
So what is the Ecotopia Biketour? Here are some useful pages from our website...:
So what is the Ecotopia Biketour? Here are some useful pages from our website...:
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==Biketour Archive==
==Biketour Archive==
* [[Biketour 2015]]
* [[Biketour 2014]]
* [[Biketour 2014]]
* [[Biketour 2013]]
* [[Biketour 2013]]
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* [[Biketour 2005]]
* [[Biketour 2005]]
* [[Biketour 2004]]
* [[Biketour 2004]]
==Organising next year's tour==
* [[Biketour 2015]]

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Basic Information

So what is the Ecotopia Biketour? Here are some useful pages from our website...:

Organizing Ecotopia Biketour

This is a self-organized tour!

No club, no NGO, no political party. Just some people following an idea - since 1990!

You are the biketour!

Some ideas of how you can help

There is lots to be done :) Here are smaller areas of the project, where u could be the right person to take responsibility:

  • coordinating a bit of the route (regional co-ordinators are wanted who speak the local language, can help find sleeping/cooking places, plan the route & find suitable maps for that region, have the overview of actions along the route. See more here: Checklist for national/local organisers)
  • take care of our outreach during the tour: flyer, poster, website content, prepare an action, prepare a theatre piece, prepare workshop to be given to the tour members or to the public
  • coordinate the outreach for participants and organizers
  • maintain the website
  • style/design leaflets, posters...
  • raise funds
  • take care about visas issues
  • help overall coordination
  • be the backup office when we are on tour
  • presswork - in your own country and international contacts
  • spread the word on the internet through using free software and uncommercial services as much as possible
  • Translate documents
  • Translate key texts to key-languages (e.g. German, and Eastern Europe in 2013) and other languages
  • The wiki pages need to be updated, cleaned out and ordered continuously!!!!!

Biketour Archive