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For general info on the biketour, surf to our primary website:

Welcome to the wiki of the ecotopia biketour


Organizing 2010 ecotopia biketour

This is a self-organized tour!

No club, no ngo, no political party. Just some people following an idea - since 1990!

In 2010 we are planning to start in the UK at the end of June, go to the Towards Carfree Cities Conference, then onto the Camp Action Climat in France at the end of July, and finally through Belgium, the Netherlands & Germany in August.

We are searching for people who want to join BT 2010 and take part in its organisation - see organise BT 2010 how far we got already and where u can help!

There is an explanation on what bt is and how to organise biketour and collected some nice ideas about improving BT.

Right now we are also working on the website. And where the hell is our stuff?

Check also our BT 2010 advertising material


we have quite a lot of job opportunities :) smaller areas of the project, where u would be the right person to take responsibility:

  • coordinating a bit of the route (regional co-ordinators are wanted who speak the local language, can help find sleeping/cooking places, plan the route & find suitable maps for that region, have the overview of actions along the route. See more here:
  • take care of our outreach during the tour: flyer, poster, website content, prepare an action, prepare a theater piece, prepare actions, prepare workshop to be given to the tour members or to the public
  • coordinate the outreach for participants and organizers
  • maintain the website
  • style/desing the website, leaflets, posters...
  • raise funds
  • take care about visas
  • overall coordination
  • backup office
  • presswork
  • bring bt to social networks like facebook and keep it updated there
  • You can help us on-line!!! We do need help with moving pages from our old wikis and websites - have a look down to archive - to this wiki. Also the website needs editing.

Last years' tours


We went through England, Wales, France, Belgium, Netherlands & Germany, and found it was very possible to live with little money even in the "expensive" countries.


In 2009 we cycled from Macedonia to Croatia through Albania, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.




diary 06, booklet 06, pressrelease06 eng, outreachmail participants 06 eng, traveltips to lithuania and poland, short route description 06, flyer06 eng


  • campfire recipes
  • texts about bt
  • the 2005 wiki - bosnia, serbia, romaina and moldova: [2]
  • the 2004 wiki, quite some texts in czech and german: [3]