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Compiled all the minutes ;)


eyfa staff

To do:

1. ask Meinhard ( if 'his' Benn server has place for a Biketour website big enough to have pictures and stories of all previous BTs on it (Jan). possible address name:

2. put a direct link to the BT website and BT wiki on the eyfa website (eyfa)

3. make a description of the biketour and its connection to Ecotopia part of the Ecotopia call out (eyfa)

4. Describe the biketour in the Ecotopia reader so that all Ecotopia participants have a picture of what the Biketour is and realize that the Biketour is closely connected to Ecotopia (eyfa)

5. About 6 biketour people will be invited to the eyfa Wintermeeting (eyfa and biketourders)

6. addresses Moldovian participants in BBB: - Diana Mirza from Association European Youth Exchange:, - Iurie Ciolan from the same organization: Our main contact person for Ecotopia Moldova 2005 (it's 3 host organizations): - Alina, who is also member of the eyfa board:

7. maybe we can create a page on the biketour and/or eyfa wiki where we discuss the relation between the biketour and eyfa and where anybody can add suggestions?

Studene 8.-10 10.2004

evaluation meeting of the breadand watertour 2004

8.-10.10.2004 Studene (cz)

people present : barbara, jan, janneke, lesek, monika, radek, roeland, uli, vita


[1)_evaluation] of biketour (bt) 2004 [2)_money isssues] of bt 2004 [3)_bt 2005] [4)_budget] proposals 2005 [5)_work] after bt 2004 [6)_website] [7)_next] meeting

out of the agenda we had a discussion which our [goals] are and how that influences the coice of our route. but i am too tired now to type it down, and nobody took minutes of it. can we please start to discuss this on the forum again ? [_http|] we did not reach a conclusion on this, so i want to encurage everyone to join in this discussion.

[input] into this meeting by mail.

and if you do want to discuss any point of these minutes, please copy/paste the text you want to discuss to a new topic on the forum.

if you have been on this meeting, please look through them and compare them with your notes and change things if neccessary.

1) evaluation of bt 2004

positive :

- good number of participants ~ 50 - no truble makers - good distances - the visit of the carfree conference, wendlandcamp, lacoma, ecofarms - coreans joined - austria - cool, lots of actions - not so structured

negative :

- language problems, so people were not included in decision making - too longdistances sometimes - the same morning circle discussions came back after some weeks - not so many tours through the sleeping places - few actions - no update of the website, when the tour started - biketour was not visible, nobody knew, what we stand for - few flyers informing the public about bt - bad welcoming of newcomers - visas did not work - almost no route testing - bad infoflow about/with sleeping places - money confusion about how much money we can spend

proposals for next year

- combine lunch meetings in cities/ parks with small selforganised actions - banners, flyers, presswork - affinity group system - for giving everybody the chance to speak up in a small group, giving newcomers a easy point to link into bt, asign tasks to affinity groups - more workshops - more candle circles - a circle more about feelings, the candle goes aroundin the circle and only the person with the candle can speak - make morning circle minutes - workshop about facilitation - mark bt-stuff - have working phone numbers on the tour and update the website - explain the participants better, what bits and stands for - join a motivation piece into the application - for big cities - they are always a pain - have a good map for everyone, stay near that townthe night before - try to get good maps - have a common bt repair kit on the tour - develop a performance or action, which bt can do everywhere - that could be a task for an affintity group - share moreresponsibilities, so that organisiers arenotso stressed out, for organisers: step back ,do not feel responsible for everything - leave space for inspiration

3) next bt & ecotopia

it seems like, ecotopia will be in moldova (~ 90 %). the carfree conference will be in budapest, the date is not really clear, seems like 18.7. or so.

we came up with 2 proposals of possible routes:

1. zagreb (or bratislava) - 2-3 weeks - budapest with carfree conference - 4 weeks through hungary and romania - moldova the carfree conference is only possible if it bit earlier, say 7.7


- conference date is not clear - not so big challenge - safety in RO


- easier to organise, there already was bt and ecotopia in HU and RO - not so many visa needed - we will (?) visit the conference, people from there can join us - more english speakers in those countries - RO is a very nice country - we have lots of contacts in zagreb

2. vitas flat - belarus (or east poland) - ukraine - moldova - 6 weeks in total

  possible continuation to budapest to the conference, if it is in september


- lots of visas needed - security - not so many contacts specially in belarus - big cultural differences, esp. not so much self initative - police is not so easy, difficult for actions - no bikepaths


- we promote activist culture in these countries - we promote ecotopia in moldova - more easy to join for far eastern people - russia, georgia ... - its a challenge - small actions can have bigger impact, because those things are not known so much

if we have really big problems with belarus, we might go through poland instead, the we have only 2 hard cases

how to decide ?

we will wait, untill eyfa decided on the ecotopia place, or til the 1.11.,and then start a 2 week long lasting poll by name on the wiki facilitated by uli. based on that the people, who will organise bt 2005 will decide - when its a clear poll they will follow it, when it is 50/50, they will do their favoured route. before we try to investigate into both proposals. we have the mailadress, from where we will send all those investigation mails, everyone one the meeting has the password and can so see,who did send what and recieved which answers. we will also start a discussion on the forum about the pros and cons of both versions.

we will have the nextmeeting in january, and want to invite national organisiers to this, so it is depending on the route, where it will be. but as soon as we decided upon the route, we try to find contacts in those countries, using the following possebilities : eyfa (ask the office, ask opn the lists)- roeli, wcn-roeli, julia belarus - vita, google, bt-list, old bt-participants, sasha, ana & dimitry - janneke, european federation of bikingclubs - randy knows it, FoE, greenpeace, byco -jan, federation of young european greens, falkor, epce (?), pga

we did also talk about the carfree conference and that it was great for some people,but that others did only eat there, and that we paid too much ( 50 eur per person) and that we will not join again for this price email password forgot your password ? Don't have an account yet? Start One

4) budget

there is a person at wcn, which is professional fundraiser and willwork a bit for us so we made a budget showing, what we can spend, if we have to. i do not like to publish the numbers here, write a mail to, if you want to know them.

5) work after bt 2004

- it is nice to publish articles about bt, it makes peoplethink ofjoining next year - pleaseplease please send copies or links of everything you (found) published about biketour to or roeland by snailmail - roeland has to do the money work - writing reports etc. he might still need reciepts, he will tell us - making the photo cd, finishing the movies - jason has much material, he might possibly cut it soon, if we pay him luis has already cut his material, there is some video material in vienna - about the action, what happend to matjas material ? roeland will coordinate this with the aim to get a good bt video together. you wanna help

6 website

jan introduced his idea of an interactive website, you can find details on Website 05. he will set up a server and play around with typo3 , a websitemanaging software everyone interested shall contact him to know the testserveraddress and passwords nd so on, how to learn typo3 look at their website it should reach the first ready stage in march or april, the second before bt starts monika knows people, who she can ask for help, when we have problems then it shall be published on a ascii-server in amsterdam - jan coordinates that with eyfa, and the redirect will point to it untill website-people are familiar with typo3,the concept of it will be developed on Website 05.

roeland will update the old website, as long as we do not have the new one