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Studene meeting 17th-20th of February 2006

We where talking about more n studene, but most minutes disappeared. Here you can find results of so called "goal pyramide" activity, when we tried to define, what are goals and aims of the biketour. As already said before, it is just a working information.



We aim to unite people from all over Europe into mobile eco community. Break down barriers and increase cross-cultural communication and understanding. We strive to: • Promote alternative transportation through cycling and actions along the way. • Live in non-hierarchical community using consensus decision making which includes active discussions on themes such as capitalism, globalization, environment, car culture, etc. • In order for everyone to feel comfortable, biketour does not tolerate sexism, racism, fascism, homophobia, xenophobia etc. • We welcome all participants who are open minded, friendly, ecologically-minded, active and engaged.


Biketour big vision: ANOTHER WORLD IS POSSIBLE.

SUSTAINABLE TRANSPORTATION: cycling, writing articles, actions

BALANCED COMMUNAL AND INDIVIDUAL LIFE: provide both opportunities, teamwork, socializing, possibility to join/leave bt anytime

NON-FORMAL EDUCATION: personal growth, workshops, communication skills, cultural exchange, helping each other

NO DISCRIMINATION: cultural exchange, conflict solving, no generalizations

INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY: try to mixed, no closed groups of nations

ECORATES vs. UNEQUAL DEVELOPMENT: fairness, financial equality, no competition

CONSENSUS DECISION MAKING: no hierarchy, empathy, each issue is addressed, candle circle for various issues

LOCAL FOOD: supporting local farmers, learning from farmers, implementing values in daily life

VEGETARIAN: explaining why, offer vegan, raw food, no condemnation of meat eaters

REDUCED WASTE: as less as possible, make it clear for everyone from very beginning

HEALTHY LIFESTYLE: no stress, yoga, tai-chi, cycling, outdoors, balanced meals from local food cooked with love and happiness, massage, sports

ENJOY: music, friends, nature, free time, fun fun fun



HAVING FUN BEING SUSTAINABLE: minimize waste, buy local food, coming to biketour sustainable way

ESTABLISHING COMMUNITY: inviting participants, everyone can do it, sharing knowledge (workshops), nice spirit, stay in contact after biketour

PROMOTING SUSTAINABILITY: updated website, actions, supporting local groups, internal discussions