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  • Total distance: ? km
  • Official biketour Navarra number: +34
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Sleeping places

Accommodation possibility: There’s a group of people who are starting a very nice project in Bigüezal, close to ITOIZ dam. The couple who started it have lots of experience in DIY renewable energies. They are very happy to host BT at their place. You just have to contact ANTONIO on his email or mobile phone (+34) 635.86.58.55

Description: My name is Antonio, I live and participate in a self-sufficiency, renewable energies and ecological building project in Bigüezal (Navarra). This project was created by Carmen and Ińaki, who opened it to other people, so now we’re 7 or 8 of us in this “tribe”. All this is quite young, and now we’re building, but you can see little by little some huts, a wonderful garden and some more thingies. So we would like the Biketour to come here and we offer space. We would like to know when they would be here and for how long so that we can propose some activity.

How to get there: I’ve seen the route and would only have to turn off at YESA's damn (close to the limit between Navarra and Huesca-Aragón) going to SIGüES, CASTILLONUEVO and BIGÜEZAL, and from there they have to go through LUMBIER towards AOIZ (ITOIZ dam).

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