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BT meetings

we meet every some months in person.

Read minutes from previous meetings here: Meeting minutes

Mailing list

Our mailing lists are very important Internet resources to maintain communication

online meetings

We do some wheel meetings online using skype

if you want to join the wheel meeting, you need a working skype setup. that would be a computer with internet, speaker and a microphone and the programm skype [1] installed

best is to have a headset, which is earphones and a microphone in one device, they produce best quality. they are really not very expensive. but i also skyped with people using earphones as microphones or just the microphone of their laptop

if you install skype on your computer, everything might just work. if it does not, dial echo123 and check it out - the skype website offers a lot of solutions to possible problems - please check it out before the meeting so that you can participate in it and we are more occupied with chatting away than with solving computer problems