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For the first weekend of the biketour we will be at Can Masdeu (6-9th July)

Our contact there is the lovely biketour veteran Guillem and he will show us about and help us get things sorted:


Thursday 5th: Sort out infrastructure stuff, set up camp, shade area, water, light, cooking area, toilet etc. Need at lease 5 people to help with this.

Friday 6th: Meet and go to critical mass :-)

Saturday 7th: Pimp our bike day (mainly elsewhere in the city)

Sunday 8th: There are no social Sunday's scheduled in July and August. If we want to open the social centre then we would be in charge of the bar, the food (perhaps 100+ people) and workshop schedule. This could be a great opportunity to have a degrowth/biketour day but would be a lot of work. The money raised from food could potentially go to the biketour or something else which those who take on food decide. If we don't open the social area we could still show a film in the social centre.

Potential activities:

  • Show the lightbulb conspiracy - in contact with the director and could potentially have a discussion after
  • Screen printing workshop
  • Rocket stove workshop
  • Short presentation about the biketour
  • Degrowth discussion workshop with R&D
  • Guillam has offered to show us around, this could be on the Sunday too like a normal tour.
  • The big meal could be a chance to practice our 'cooking for big groups' skills

Monday 9th: On our bikes to Kan Pascual! (about 3 hours)

Camp spot

We have the lovely area by the gardens next to the almond trees to camp in. As mentioned above, this needs to be set up on the Thursday. We are not able to have access to the main house unless this is for a reason previously agreed.


We are going to be independent from the house for cooking. We can place an order with the producer who provides for Can Masdeu the week before. I think they place the order on Tuesday so would need to get it to them before that. This is for fruit and veg (not pasta rice etc...)

We need to decide if we are going to be cooking communally that weekend, in which case we would need to collect some money from people. Another option would be to be self sufficient, this is because people may not all be around at meals together. Would be good to work out how to do it communally.

would be good to find a time to invite residents of Can Masdeu to eat with us, apparently comida (late lunch) is the best time.