Pysical preperation meetings

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To plan the Biketour it is useful to have at least one physical meeting.

This is a list of things what makes a place suitable for a Biketour-Preperation-Meeting:

  • accessability (train, hitchhike etc)
  • wifi
  • sleeping place (also tentspace for spring)
  • meeting place, warm
  • no fix costs
  • cooking space
  • we agree with their politics

nice extras

  • in next years region
  • shower
  • animal friendly
  • option for info-event
  • nice project to hang out afterwards nearby

It is pretty useful to already have a organised agenda beforehand. Some topics will have to be talked about in the whole group. But also some can be for smaller working groups. It is good for the dynamics of a meeting to have the option to split up into smaller groups.