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pippa's vegan curry type stuff:

you need:

loads of onions

loads of garlic

loads of spinach or other green leafy vegetable, cut as small as you can be bothered to make it

loads of potatoes, diced

loads of rice or something to serve the curry with

loads of tomatoes, cut up quite small


chilli pepper

ginger (plenty)

coriander and cumin (maybe not so easy to get in eastern european villages, but in bigger places it shouldn't be so hard) (you need Indian cumin not european cumin)

other curry type spices you can find such as garam masala, cardamom, mustard seeds

- boil the potatoes separately otherwise they will never cook.

- cook the rice if you are going to have some

- fry the onions and garlic then when they are done, add the spices and stir it around so that the spices are also a bit fried (but be careful not to obliterate them completely).

add the tomatoes, spinach and cooked potatoes and cook together for a few minutes until the tomatoes have turned into a sauce and the spinach is cooked. et voila!