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During the biketour this year (2010) we had a couple of good discussions on the next biketours... we know that we will keep the name 'Ecotopia Biketour' even if we don't go to the gathering Ecotopia.

Add to this page please! Try to put comments or ideas about particular routes or ideas too


The idea of a biketour for degrowth also had a lot of energy, from within the movement too (francois talked about the idea at a degrowth meeting in france) which is very strong in latin countries, yet not so much anywhere else in Europe.

Writing a funding application to get bicycles for people from poorer countries is a good idea and has worked before when it was in an eastern country. (Bulgaria??)


In general there was a lot of energy for the biketour going to Italy next year. Francois pointed out that we would have to be linking up with organisations who are part of the degrowth movement there.

1. Italy - Balkans (Slovenia, Croatia, BiH, Serbia, Bulgaria) - Istanbul, Turkey

- Alissa's dream biketour route - we have lots of contacts, of people who could help along the way - part of it would potentially be the same as 2008 (Sofia, Bulgaria to Sinop, Turkey) - the plan to go through Istanbul was re-considered during the biketour 2008

2. Switzerland - Italy - Greece

- connecting all the countries biketour's never been to - we don't have many past participants in biketour from these countries

3. Baltic states: Estonia - (Latvia, Lithuania, maybe Belarus, Poland) - Ecotopia, Germany (80km east of Berlin)

- Alek could be regional co-ordinator for poland (although he'd prefer to go to Italy with biketour) - Ecotopia? might give the biketour a warm welcome as people are involved who know the project

4. Barcelona - France - Italy - to... ? slovenia ? - this would include part of the way that Francois went with the donkey on his degrowth tour, so he has a lot of great contacts within the degrowth movement along this way.

5.... your idea here!

Who ?

There is Alissa who would like to help find sleeping places if she likes the route; Francois who would help if it's a degrowth biketour; people who could be co-ordinators in Hungary; and many of us who'd like to spread the word.

Who would like to be international co-ordinators is open !!


We have a proposal of a wintermeeting in Munich, Germany in December (Laura, Moritz & Alissa all liked the idea at least)

Another proposal is for Basel, Switzerland, where Caz who is keen to help organise next year's could also host a biketour meeting :)