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16th Rest day?
16th Rest day?
Girona - contact Kan Kolmo
17th Girona - contact Kan Kolmo
Escala/somewhere on coast
18th Escala/somewhere on coast
Figueres action
Figueres action (?)
Can Torres
19th Can Torres
Can Decreix
20th-21st Can Decreix - work/rest
Near Canet-en-Roussillon (?)
22nd Near Canet-en-Roussillon/Perpignan (?)
Near Port la nouvelle (?)
23rd Near Port la nouvelle/Gruissan (?)
Cravirola le maquis, Minerve
24-25th Cravirola le maquis, Minerve - rest day
26th Béziers (?)
27th Sète (?)
28th Montpellier
Pompignan (?)
Pompignan (?)

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Brainstorming Map

Here there is a googlemap to share interesting projects/places/actions/camps/etc that you might think biketour could visit this year: http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msid=202614598037844903493.0004b87154a1e6e346552&msa=0

Route Maps on G$$gle

The route till now is based mostly on google maps and some information got on the web, some parts need to be checked in person (mostly the crossing from Gap to Torino)

planning - rough maps/distances

* waiting for can masdeu confirmation
  * after starting in barcelona we head to visit Ca l'afou - a eco-industrial post-capitalist colony
    * couple of workshops day (in can masdeu or ca l'afou): 
      * rocket stove
      * banners
      * cycling/group safety

ideas to cross the alps

    • Near the sea, next to monaco - not so fun, full of tourists and traffic
    • Barcelonnette - at less tan 1400m high seems like the less hard/more fun place to cross
    • Briançon - the one that makes more sense after passing by L'Ecolieu Tilia & Compagni
    • Mont-Cenis, Lanslebourg-Mont-Cenis - a bit high place but it would mean entering italy through vall di susa - needs further invesstigation
would be great if we pass through the vall di susa to understand what the population is defending from destruction...
this forum talks about some nice alps bike crossing routes: http://www.bikeforums.net/archive/index.php/t-256527.html
map of france/italy/swiss alps bike-climbs with details: http://www.cycling-challenge.com/map-of-french-and-swiss-alps-cycling-climbs/

Start details (TBC)

6-9th July Biketour preparation weekend at Can Masdeu

  • 6th July - Meet at Can Masdeu, cook together, critical mass(get ready in calle princesa), fiesta
  • 7th July - Pimp my bike day
  • 8th Social day at Can Masdeu, build rocket stove, degrowth workshop

Day by day rough plan

The tour begins on 9th July and ends on 16th September, making 70 days in total

  • (23 days in July, 31 days in August & 16 days in September)

This rough route shows 53 days accounted for, leaving 17 rest/action days.


6-9th Can Masdeu

9th Kan Pascual

10-12th Ca l'afou (perhaps take off a day here and stay a day in Terrassa instead?)

13th Can Piella (Can Tobella for Lunch?)

14th Near San pol de mar (?)

15th Tossa de Mar (action against construction if we can contact Naturalists Girona)

16th Rest day?

17th Girona - contact Kan Kolmo

18th Escala/somewhere on coast

Figueres action (?)

19th Can Torres

20th-21st Can Decreix - work/rest

22nd Near Canet-en-Roussillon/Perpignan (?)

23rd Near Port la nouvelle/Gruissan (?)

24-25th Cravirola le maquis, Minerve - rest day

26th Béziers (?)

27th Sète (?)

28th Montpellier

Pompignan (?)

Rousson (near la vielle Valette)

Berrias-et-Casteljau (Le Hameau de bois/la ferme des enfants)

Vals-les-Bains (?)

Longo Mai, Treynas ( Lachapelle-sous-Chanéac)

Near Saulce-sur-Rhône (?)

Near Saint-Marcel-d'Ardèche (?)


Arles (maybe Longo mai, la Mas de Granier)

Foss-sur-mere (?)


Longo Mai - Cabrery (tbc)

Eourres village

Oasis Bellecombe, La motte chalancon

Archiane, Treschenu-Creyers (?)

L'Ecolieu Tilia & Compagnie, Saint-Laurent-en-Beaumont

Chores (?)

Barcelonette (???) Which Alps crossing? (miss Longo Mai - Chantemerle)

Pietraporzio (?)

Madonna dell'Olmo, Cuneo (?)

Pinerolo, Casa Gaia

Collegno, Torino, Mezcal squat

Val de susa


Rocchetta Tanaro (?) too long!

Montale Celli, Costa Vescovato, Coop. Agricola Valli Unite (?)


Fidenza (?)

Cavriago (?)

Maranello (?)

Bologna :-)

Occhiobello (?)



16th-19th September Venice

Rough date ranges

This is a first attempt at creating date ranges for the route. These dates will change a lot!!!

The first date is the earliest, the second is the the upper limit, with lots of flexibility in the middle.

  • Barcelona 6th July -15th July (we are pointing to the 12th of july to leave barcelona)
  • Cerbère 14th July -25th July
  • Narbonne 19th July -2nd August
  • Montpelier 23th July -7th August
  • Marseille 31st July -12th August
  • Nice 10th August -21st August
  • Torino 21st August -31st Ausust
  • Milan 27th August -4th September
  • Bologna 7th September -12th September
  • Venice 15th September -19th September

The section from Marseille to Torino could take longer

there are this maps that yolanda found out: http://www.cyclingeurope.nl/provence http://www.cyclingeurope.nl/riviera

many bicycle routes and tools to plan a bike route (need further investigation): http://www.provelo.org/spip.php?article2627

and there are GPX and GPD (gps standards) files there, this website is useful to visualize them: http://www.gpsvisualizer.com/

Route Proposal with groups/actions

The EV8 (EuroVelo Route 8) should be followed and we can make deviations from it to visit some projects and places: informaton on EuroVelo


Indignados 29th March Demo, public sector, housing, cuts, Degrowth group of indignados Fishing issues - Lydia Iago - Artists of Catalunya

Ecologistas - Annalies to send projects, anti EuroVegas 17 billion euros budget, ghost towns

Girona - contact Guillem MAT - Mucha Alta Tension (all around) near Girona there was a group but it was evicted

Ghost tourist towns - development stopped



- Les reencontres Des amis de S!lence (http://amies.revuesilence.net/spip.php?article73) a bit more north from foix, in Loubières, from 9 to 24 july it's a self-managed camp, but besides that there is not much information, they were conected with the Camp Action Climate 2009 in Nantes - sounds great, it was the start of ZAD, but last year information don't look like an active/activist gathering but more a sharing information/workshops - probably 100% in french as it dosen't look like they plan ot make an international call-out

Cerbere Can Decreix

Action against the TGV being finished - fast to Barcelona instead of the small Cerbere line.


Port-la nouvelle (to Sete is a pretty path) No palm group who are anti-industrial group We could do an action here

Narbonne A city and Francois has contacts

Beziers People live on boats



(From Cerbere to Aige Marts it's easy on bikes along the coast and it gets really busy, also Francois has lots of contacts)

Montpellier Francois contact

sommieres contact from F(hilly area)

Cevennes national park is really hilly

Avignon (pretty) No car group and a contact

Marseille Water financialisation Youcef's bike workshop, they have plan to host us, we need to link them with other collectives to make a nice action there...

La Crau There is a longo Mai

It's really important to study how to do this area (Euro Velo 8) Aix en provence area to Nice - Very important to Check


  • Torino

Most probably we can stay in colegno where the reclaim the fields was ([1]), need to double check it with nemo and oracio we should conect with the NO TAV and Vall di susa strugle, maybe cross the allpes on that area and see the zone they want to destroy...

  • Bologna

XM24 ([2])- big squat with an organic market every thrusday and a nice bike DIY workshop: Amppioraggio ([3]) Also would be nice to link to local productors: [4]


just a rough google map to have a distance idea: http://maps.google.com/maps?saddr=barcelona&daddr=Cerb%C3%A8re,+France+to:Marseille,+France+to:Draguignan,+France+to:Turin,+Italy+to:Bologna,+Italy+to:Venice,+Italy&hl=en&ie=UTF8&ll=43.34116,7.492676&spn=6.80715,14.128418&sll=43.29307,6.75822&sspn=6.812512,14.128418&geocode=FY2HdwIdPxwhACn1KO0mcZikEjEwA6Qh4PoABA%3BFQWZhwIdM0owACm3eZ2Skn66EjEgbWcWIYgHBA%3BFeKmlAIdtO9RACkzU9pEQ7_JEjEgApf9pRkIBA%3BFT9VmAId4aViACmX3glziavOEjGgzY_9pRkIBA%3BFQS6rwId9EB1ACnfXO3DDG2IRzHglDxHfeYFBA%3BFW7tpgIdViKtACmVmy6-m9R_RzFBOWB2eDJt3A%3BFeBFtQIdYEa8ACkfb1JTCq9-RzGwX5EVhwkHBA&oq=Ven&dirflg=w&mra=ls&t=m&z=6