Timeline 2016

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Deciding on the route - mid-March

  • research visa costs to decide whether we're going to Belarus

if not Belarus then research projects between Warsaw and Vilnius

Contacting projects - ongoing but urgent

Researching new projects to contact - ongoing

Announce the route and start and end dates - mid-March on the website and fb announce that people who want to go to Belarus need to provide visa documents by mid-May

Researching possibilities of setting up a bank account for the group - ongoing

  • checking in which country it's easy to become an association
  • open a bank account in the same country but check how much it costs to run a euro account

Applying for funding

  • writing the application for Lush - 10th March
  • writing the application for Alert - end of March

Artwork and promotion

  • design posters and leaflets to include new route with start/ end dates - end of March
  • send out materials to as many places as we can - end of April
  • print out posters, leaflets and stickers and distribute in our network - end of April

Waiting for someone to bring the trailer for free to Warsaw, Copenhagen, Prague, Bratislava or Berlin - beginning of May

If needed - pay for transporting the trailer to Warsaw (blabla car is an option) - start looking beginning of May

Deadline for people to send documents for visa application to Belarus - mid-May


  • start writing chapters of booklet on the wiki, then compile