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Biketour owns two Bob-trailers (there are some rumors [in the list and on this wiki] that the biketour had a kid's trailer as well)

After the [Biketour 2012] Samuel brought one trailer to Vienna, the other went to Vienna also with alice and joão and are being kept with Tim.

During the [Biketour 2012] we also had a 2 wheels trailer that was lend to the biketour for the summer and is now back in barcelona.

Two new standard quick release axles arrived (March/2012) at Research and Degrowth office.

There were some polemics about trailer design on the list (Feb/2012), this webpage points all the pro and cons of different trailer designs:

Bob yak

we have two trailers of the old version of Yak:

we now have three different sized axles for the trailers (but only 2 end bits) people should be careful checking the length of axel they need, short can be dangerous, long can damage the axel, the bike and be very dangerous...

there is another new axle (taborda bought two for [biketour 2012] we ended up finding and repairing the old ones and just using one new) with taborda that is looking for a new owner (around 35 euros)