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This page should help people to find each other to travel together to and from the Biketour. Just add yourself to the list and contact other people from the list if you like.

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English German Bulgarian Serbian/Croatian Macedonian Greek
Non-vegan food items
milk Milch
whey Molke
egg Ei
butter Butter
cream Sahne
cheese Käse
joghurt Joghurt
honey Honig
gelatine Gelatine
bee wax Bienenwachs
meat Fleisch
fish Fisch
beef Rind(fleisch)
pork Schwein(efleisch)
chicken Hähnchen/Geflügel
thuna Thunfisch
lactose Laktose
seafood Meeresfrüchte
Non-vegan E numbers: E120, E542, E631, E901, E904, E913