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[[Category:Travel advice]]
[[Category:Travel Advice]]

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Lithuania and Poland

Hi biketour-philics,

will you come to biketour this year? Will we meet again? Do you already know how to come to biketour?

I would like to share some information about public transport to Lithuania and Poland, which I investigated in the last days.

Trains in Poland

General information see biketour-webpage.

Travel to Lithuania


  • For people traveling from Germany there is a lot of information (especially about busses and ferries) here:


When you are close to the baltic sea, travel by ferry seems to be the easiest way to come to Lithuania with a bike. From Germany there is ferry Kiel->Klaipeda. It goes monday-saturday, takes 22 hours.


Concerning buses from Germany I recommend Salza-Tours (Tel.: +49-3603-82670) which goes (only) on wednesdays Erfurt->Leipzig->Potsdam->Berlin->Alytus->Vilnius->Kaunas->Klaipeda. They take bikes for . But you have to do a reservation by phone. Berlin->Vilnius costs 43 per person (students get reduction). Many other bus companies reject officially to take bikes. But of course you can always negotiate with the driver, when there is enough space available.

See you hopefully soon!
Summer is back now, what do we need more?