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  • Total distance: ? km
  • Official Biketour Turkish number: (0090)5542699611
Coordinators are Yolanda and ...

begin - Kapikule (border) 16 July

  • Ideas:

Sleeping places

17 July (Thursday) Yenikadın - aprox. 15-20km
  • ROUTE:From Svilingrad via Kapikule border to Yenikadın
    • From Velingrad 12 km flat riding to the border at Kapikule. After Kapikule 8 km flat until Yenkadin.
    • This part will be nasty and can be really slow. Crossing border will take long (they check all bags) and maybe we need to walk some parts cause of safety reason. Aprox first 6 km after border there is lot of traffic (lorries!) and only 1,5 meter (max) space on the side of the road (sometimes there is a pavement we could possibly take)
  • SLEEP: Yenkadin
  • Ideas: Students from the university of Edirne bikers group are making plans to meet us on the border and maybe cycle some part with us!!
18 July (Friday) Sogutludere - 50? km 
  • ROUTE: from Yenikadın to Sogutludere
  • SLEEP: ?
  • IDEAS:

19 July (Saturday) Cavuskoy - 51,5 km 
  • ROUTE:From Sogutludere to Cavuskoy
  • SLEEP: ?
  • Ideas:
20 July, 21 July & 22 July (Sunday, Monday & Tuesday) Kıyıkoy Kasatura (national park) - 52 km (NOT CONFIRMED)
  • ROUTE:From Cavuskoy to Kiyikoy
  • SLEEP:we will stay three nights at a camping site
  • IDEAS: Kiyikoy has a natural park! We plan to stay here three nights, so we can have one day for rest and one day for action. The action could be done in together with local groups who protest against a planned oil pipeline here.

23, 24 & 25 July (Wednesday, Thursday & Friday) Istanbul (Beyoglu: centre) 28 km cycling  (NOT CONFIRMED)
  • ROUTE: cycle from Kiyikoy to Cerkezkoy and then alternative transport, because there is too much heavy traffic on the roads before Istanbul.
    1. We need to call our contact, a transporter of a cooperative of lorry transport. He will be able to arrange 1 truck to transport our bikes and 2 persons. The others can take the train (without bike!, the train company will not allow to take bikes here) at 19:30 pm from Cerkezkoy to Istanbul (takes 2/3 hours).
    2. Other train possibilities at 7:00 and 10:30 AM and 19:30 PM from Cerkezkoy to Istanbul.
  • SLEEP: we will sleep in little groups in different houses in the centre
  • IDEAS: sleep here 3 nights: one resting day and one meeting day. On the day that we leave there will be an action day The action (see 26 July)

26 July (Saturday) Poyrazkoy - 55km (NOT CONFIRMED)
  • ROUTE: from Istanbul to Poyrazkoy
    • Coastal road to direction Poyrazkoy. It gets more and more quiet and hilly with a lot of green. Sometimes the asphalt is not so smooth.
  • ACTION: We will leave Istanbul in spectacular way as there is a bike parade/critical mass planned today! Barisa Pedal (cycle for peace group) activists and all other cyclists of Istanbul will support us on the busy streets in this huge city. We want to arrange permission (if necessary) to pass via the Bosphorus Bridge (Boğaziçi Köprüsü) to Asia on our bikes! Maybe we need police escort... (this bridge is 1,510 m long and ach direction has three lanes. There is no space for bikes and a lot of traffic, but it is not a highway and Lorries are not allowed).
  • SLEEP:Big picknick area before Poyrazkoy (piknik alani) with tables, a fountain and a green fıeld on the right side of the road.
  • Idea:

27 July (Sunday) Sile - 52km (NOT CONFIRMED)
  • ROUTE: from Poyrazkoy to Sile
    • Follow direction Riva. Before Riva we follow direction Sile. Rough parts on the road between Sahil Koy and Alacoli Koyu. Last 10 km on D020
  • SLEEP: On the beach (=Sahil) of Sile

28 July (Monday) Agva - 34 km (NOT CONFIRMED)
  • ROUTE: from Sile to Agva
    • D010 to direction Agva. After Cayir Bas there will be a junction where we turn right to Kandira and Agva. Road number: D020. Via Yenika to Agva.
  • SLEEP: On the beach (= plaj) of Agva

29 & 30 July (Tuesday & Wednesday) Kerpe Sarısu Koyu - 45 km (NOT CONFIRMED)
  • ROUTE: from Agva to Kerpe
    • Via Kandira - Follow direction Kefken until you reach D049 - Past Kurtyeri you will see a junction. Go left to the Kerpe direction.
    • Kerpe Sarısu Koyu is a really beautiful natural site with rocks and mountains…
  • SLEEP: On green field on left side of beach (plaj) of Kerpe
    • we will stay here 2 nights and have 1 resting day

31 July (Thursday) Karasu - 55km (NOT CONFIRMED)
  • ROUTE: from Kerpe to Karasu
    • Kaynarca - Kasaru. Nice quiet road and lots of small villages.
  • SLEEP: ?

1 August (Friday) Cumayeri or Akcakoga - 50km (NOT CONFIRMED)
  • ROUTE:from Karasu to Cumayeri or Akcakoga
    • Road D010 via Papalar (more hills and after there is a steep ups and downs and some bad road) - via Kalkin
  • SLEEP: on beach or campsite of Akcakoga

2 August (Saturday) Alaplı Seyfetler  - 60km (NOT CONFIRMED)
  • ROUTE:from Cumayeri/Akcakoga to Alapli
    • Follow direction Zonguldak road D010
  • SLEEP:?

3 August (Sunday) Caycuma - ? km (NOT CONFIRMED)
  • ROUTE: alternative transport
    1. The mayor of Zonguldak arranges us a lorry to carry the bikes and a minibus to transport ourselves from Caycuma to Zonguldak. We will call him when we are leaving Istanbul.
    2. At 21:45 there is a train from Zonguldak to Caycuma, which will arrive at 22 45. ****
    • Why alternative?: Coastal road D010 between Alapli and Zonguldak is too dangerous: many trucks, heavy traffic.
  • SLEEP: The municipality in Caycuma arranges student houses and gardens for us.
  • Ideas: The mayor of Zonguldak is interested in organizing an action to promote bikes we could do this in afternoon we spend here...

4 August, 5 & 6 August (Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday) Amasra - 56,8 km (NOT CONFIRMED)
  • ROUTE: We will cycle from Caycuma to Amasra
    • via Bartin. From there we will follow direction Amasra.
  • SLEEP: We will sleep 3 days at:
  • ACTION: Possible action together with the locals against the planned thermal reactors here

7 August (Thursday) Karpısuyu - 47,5km (NOT CONFIRMED)
  • ROUTE:from Amasra to Karpisuyu
    • On the D010 all day. After Cakraz higher hills.
  • SLEEP: On the right side of the village beach under the trees!

8 August (Friday) Sakallı - 40km (NOT CONFIRMED)
  • ROUTE:from Karpisuyu to Sakalli
    • D010, via kasamonou and Kalafat, after Cide more hills than amazing down hill, pretty steep
  • SLEEP: on the beach with tents

9 & 10 July (Saturday & Sunday) Doganyurt - 51km (NOT CONFIRMED)
  • ROUTE: From Sakalli to Doganyurt
    • D010 all day.
  • SLEEP: We are invited to put the tents on the public area near the beach on left side of the village, near a place with shower, a fitness “playground” and basketball field.
  • IDEAS:

11 August (Monday) Abana - 52,6km (NOT CONFIRMED)
  • ROUTE:from Doganyurt to Abana
    • D010, via Inabolu
  • SLEEP:possibly on the campsite in Abana

12 & 13  August (Tuesday & Wednesday) Ayancik - 62km (NOT CONFIRMED)
  • ROUTE: from Abana to Ayancik
    • D010, via Tevfikiye, long route today, but last part is downhill!
  • SLEEP: Beach area near last terras. (We have contacts here and should call them 2 days before arrival)
    • How to get there: When you reach Ayancik follow sign to centre (Serehsi merkerci) and later follow signs to Attaturk cad. You will end up at the beach area. Go to the leftside of the beach, near the seawall, there are a few terasses. We have a contact with the owners of the last terras between the volleyball field and the children playground.
  • ACTION: We could organize action in alliance with local action-groups who protest against a planned thermal power plant in Ayancik. [we could invite Ecotopia people here...]
  • Ideas: We can choose to stay another night after the action of 13 august or cycle to Ecotopia right away, where food will be cooked for us...!

13 or 14 August (Wednesday or Thursday) Sarikum/Ecotopıa - 30km (NOT CONFIRMED)
  • ROUTE: from Ayancik to Sarikum
  • SLEEP: Ecotopia camp
  • EAT: delicious vegan and vegetarian food will be cooked for us at Ecotopia!