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Bt 2012

The Ecotopia Biketour will be passing through the Schengen visa zone in 2012.

Find out if you need visa: See

Two lists of which citizens need visas to enter Schengen countries and the United Kingdom:

We will try to assist you in arranging your visa, such as writing and sending invitation letters should you need them to obtain a visa. There are also quite a few things that you will have to do yourself, so don’t wait until the last minute!

Any questions? Feel free to write to info(at]ecotopiabiketour[dot)net or use the contact form.

how to apply for a visa


1. invitation letter:

a. send 1 letter with passport information to each participant (home address):

info from passport:

  • name and surname
  • date of birth
  • place of birth
  • citizenship
  • passport number
  • passport issue date and place

b. send separate letter about the project - project idea, aims, dates.

sign and stamp the invitation letters (better 2 different people)!

2. participants have to provide you with information about embassies (contact info, phone/fax numbers) and when they plan to go there.

3. you call to the embassy and explain about your organization and about who plans to come


send/email embassy invitation letter, info about the project.

4. sometimes embassy might ask for certain amount of money deposit - ask the to let them come with less amount of money, because biketour will take care of accomodation and food.

5. some embassies ask for hotel reservations - tell that biketour guarantees accomodation and food.

Bt 2009

EU citizens can suffice with ID card (according to Bérèngere)
A foreigner who is not using the services of accommodation provision as indicated above is obliged to register with the competent authorities and to inform of the change of address the next day following the day of arrival in Serbia, i.e. within 24 hours from the moment of the change of the place of abode or the change of address.
EU citizens need passport, ID card is not sufficient.
Invitation letter

- Transit: (Romania - Bulgaria - Greece [2])