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The website ( is our main communication platform to the outside. The site is structured in

  • a general section, "ecotopia biketour" that doesn't really change
  • a section for the actual year, 20xx, with practical information for the tour (after the tour, that stuff goes to "previous years")
  • there is a section concepts that explains more in detail how biketour works
  • In the blog everybody can write whatever is going on currently.
  • In media, you can find some pictures and videos of the biketour and advertising material
  • under links is a list of other biketours, visited projects, etc

Everybody is welcome to contribute to the website, especially the blog. During the tour, we try to write something about all the projects we visit and the cycling in between. But also other topics are welcome on the blog, such as your personal expieriences or whatever story related to the biketour. Also we were posting link-collections whenever we collected a bunch of them.

If you want to write a blogpost,

  • you have to login in the very bottom of the page. Normally every year we have a communal account.
  • You will end up in the wordpress-backend of the website. For a new blogpost, in the menu on the left, go to "posts" => "new"
  • Then you basicly type your thing and a title
  • its nice if you add some photos, videos, drawings or soundrecordings
    • for the photos, you have the option to either insert them directly in the post or create a gallery; its recommended to check the preview of the post to see how your picture-layout actually turs out
    • you can choose a featured image, that will appear on the frontpage of the website and when the post is shared in social networks
  • you can choose a category for your post, normally the actual year is already good and some tags
  • sometimes on the road, it's easier to just write your article by hand , take a photo and put this online
  • any language is welcome!
  • when you don't turn it off, the social-networks-auto-poster automatically publishes the blogpost on our facebook and twitter pages

If you want to change the menu, you need to make yourself an own account and get some admin-rights. Then it basicly works the same as with the blogposts. The frontpage is a bit tricky to modify... but if you wanna dig into it, go for it.

There is some outdated information about the website in here.