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Hi all,

I was happily working on an organic farm in France when the news of a biketour meeting reached me, and somehow I decided to go. Why? I didn’t join biketour this year, and I’m probably not going to join the next year, I’m not participating in organising, actually I’m just a lazy bastard and I call it ‘having other priorities’. But still, there is something that sticks me to biketour: the wonderful memories, the wonderful people, the wonderful spirit of wanting to do something positive in this world, eventhough sometimes it seems to be covered by frustrations when I read the mails on the list. But somehow I still feel responsible about biketour as if it were my little child.


SO, for all lazy bastards like me, who don’t really want to organise, but still have a biketour feeling in their hearts (is this story getting too cheesy?) in our meeting in Vienna we decided to start THE BIKETOUR WHEEL.

What is the function of the wheel?

  • it is a way to keep in touch with each other and exchange crazy ideas, gossips, and wild plans
  • to keep discussions about biketour alive, and to prevent frustration about emails on the list that nobody responds to
  • to keep track a bit if the organisation is going well, and if they need help
  • to assist organisers by giving them wise advices, out of our long experience...

What are the responsibilities of the spokepersons in the wheel?

  • to participate in a skype meeting about twice a month
  • to respond to emails on the list
  • hey, that’s all.

The wheel is really meant to be like an advisory board. It can be consulted, but the people who are organising are the ones who decide. And of course it is open for everybody to join the wheel. So hereby I’d like to invite you all to become a spoke in the wheel!