Winter Meeting 2016 Agenda

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Friday Feb 19

coming to the meeting, talking about the agenda for the following days

Saturday Feb 20 + Sunday Feb 21

discussing, deciding - as many people as possible should come for this. Points to discuss: all equipment issues (location, transport, needs), the route – north to south or south to north/ east to west, west to east?, whether we are going to have a theme, whether to send flyers by post to advertise tour, starting point – first project where we will meet, and the date of the bike tour begin, Russia and Belarus - the visa issue

Monday Feb 22 + Tuesday Feb 23

doing practical work (e.g. finalizing flyers, deciding on the route, assessing equipment, etc.), creating a bike tour booklet – zine with information, how things are organised, how tasks are done, how the tour is prepared - can be a smaller team of people