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* Advertising/Propaganda
* Advertising/Propaganda
** Before tour
** Before tour
***Call out texts/translation
*** video/presentation
*** video/presentation
*** getting participants (biketour propaganda tour)
*** getting participants (biketour propaganda tour)

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Every biketour has a kick start with a wintermeeting. This year, mainly because already from last year wintermeeting there was already a good planing start for this biketour (and EVS process), the meeting is quite late, and the two EVS volunteers (Alice and Taborda) are already in barcelona and the route is already partially thought through.

This meeting is still very important, as we will have time to discuss strategies, objectives and decisions about the future of biketour. Of course we will also discuss how to accomplish making this biketour a good, and participatory, tour.

The main biketour discussions will take place on Sunday and Monday. There is lots of work to do on Can Decreix so we will spend Saturday doing practical work and there will also be a agroecological workshop.

Schedule of the weekend

Saturday 25th February

  • People arrive!
  • Welcome & tour of Can Decreix
  • Work on Can Decreix
  • 8pm Evening dinner

Sunday 26th February

  • 10am - 1pm Biketour meeting
  • 1pm - 3pm Lunch
  • 3pm - 7pm Biketour meeting

Monday 27th February

  • Continuation of previous day's meeting

Meeting agenda

  • Route
    • Catalunia - Venezia (ending up in Venezia Degrowth Conference)
    • Portugal mini tour
  • Funding
  • Online tools
    • Redesign website
    • Other coordination tools request (also for future)?
      • Wiki and maps integration
      • wufoo and wordpress integration
      • Facebook, twitter, identi.ca
  • Basic agreements
    • minimum advised length of participation (one, two weeks)?
    • vegan/vegetarian
    • expectations
  • Advertising/Propaganda
    • Before tour
      • Call out texts/translation
      • video/presentation
      • getting participants (biketour propaganda tour)
    • During tour
      • trailer(s) banner(s)
      • tall-bike (DIY)
    • After tour
      • video/presentation (?)

Further questions

  • Future
    • Biketour 2013
      • Route proposals
      • Theme proposals
    • EVS (yes or no?)
      • how to manage expetations/frustrations
      • alternatives?


The wintermeeting will be held in Can Decreix (the house of degrowth) which is located here, in Cerbère near the catalonia/france border. Here is a close up map.

It's easy to get to as it's right next to the train station in Cerbère it can also help to start making connections with french groups and activists.

Joao and Alice will be travelling from Barcelona on Saturday morning, contact them [1] for details.

Here is the train timetable from Barcelona to Cerbere.

You can find more information about Can Decreix here and here (both articles in Catalan). Lots of work has been done recently, see the photos here.

We still have a lot of work to do in this new space where it is possible to live carfree in the countryside, it is a place to experiment with ecological lifestyles and have time to think and organise activist events. It could potentially become a staging for friends of the ecotopia biketour, with possibilities to develop a bike workshop, activities around alternative energies and agroecology.

People joining (add your name if you plan to join)

People can (and should) join by a conference call, there will be internet available to stream the meeting.

Joining in person

  • Alice
  • Filka
  • Francois
  • Taborda
  • Yolanda
  • Laura (???)

Joining by internet conference call

  • Milan (???)