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* Blog
* Blog
* Money
* Money
** Properly document expenses!
** Keep receipts
* Welcome
* Welcome

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This is not a fixed list, but suggestions for roles that can be decided during the tour.

Short term/day tasks:

  • Cleaning
  • Cooking
  • Dumpster-diving
  • Scouts
    • Criteria for sleeping places: Water, firewood, space, ...
  • Tail
  • Trailers

Long term/period tasks:

  • Project coordinator / Day facilitator
  • Blog
  • Money
    • Properly document expenses!
    • Keep receipts
  • Welcome

Other tasks:

  • Circle facilitator
  • Emotional support / Talk-to person
  • Activities/Actions/Games planner
  • Wake-up call


From 2012

Breakfast and Lunch team: 1. Be the first to wake up 2. Maybe restart the fire for tea/coffee 3. Check if there are left overs from the day before and decide what you need to buy (ask previous breakfast people how much milk, cereal, bread, spread, vegetables and fruit you need to get). 4. Try to buy healthy, local, organic. It's good to do this the night before if you have time :-) 5. Write down how much of everything we needed and communicate this to the next group 6. Try to make the breakfast start around 20 minutes after the wakeup call.

Dinner team : 1. Make a fire/light the rocket stove 2. Create a central waste collection point 3. Find more people to help to chop up the delicious vegetables 4. Cooking:try to use the most of every fruit and vegetable (lemon peel tea anyone?) and make sure there is enough for eveyone. 5. Done! The dinner crew shouts “food” try to notice if someone is missing and save them some food 6. If you learnt some cooking tips communicate them to the next group (e.g 1kg of pasta per person is too much...)AND think about contributing your special recipe to the Biketour recipe notebook After meal-time cleanup team: 1. clean up 2. Inform the breakfast and lunch people about any leftovers. Don't throw food away! You can make a tasteful leftover paté with toast for breakfast. 3. Figure out who is taking the trailer the next day and make sure they know who the food people are.

Tidy up after each meal. It is important to stay healthy and leave places better than we found them. Help pack things into the trailers so that the trailer people can leave early with the dinner crew. Clean all the jars and separate all possible waste at rubbish collection points – it is your task to dispose the garbage in a sound way :-)