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|'''foldable 1-wheel trailer "Sarna"'''
|'''foldable 1-wheel trailer "Sarna"'''
|Jorge (0034621005352)
|contains 2 skewers (but one is too thick for most bikes) and one towing nut (one got lost)
|contains 2 skewers (but one is too thick for most bikes) and one towing nut (one got lost)

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Here we keep a record of the collective equipment needed/thought/available for each Biketour.

If you want to know what you should bring generally see here -> participant equipment recomendation or in the FAQs on www.ecotopiabiketour.net

Things often get left behind and often get mixed up with (particularly kitchen) equipment of the projects. One important tip when acquiring communal equipment is to choose items that have an exceptional design. Experience shows that even the most useless things don't get lost for months if their look is easy to recognise, but even the most essential things get left behind when no one is sure if they are ours or belong to the project.

Permanent equipment

Equipment that does not get used up and that we keep over the years.

What? Where is it? Who has access to it? Comments
1-wheel trailer "Una" Dublin Barry In very bad condition, needs replacement of several parts
Washers to get 1-wheel trailer skewer onto more bikes
foldable 1-wheel trailer "Sarna" Madrid Jorge (0034621005352) contains 2 skewers (but one is too thick for most bikes) and one towing nut (one got lost)
Orange bag with a zipper for 1-wheel trailer
Small 2-wheel trailer "Tika" Moncalvo Michal, Lino contains 2 attachments for the bike axle
Big 2-wheel trailer "Pepe" Dublin Bob (+353870600009) Ecotopia left it in Dublin with Bob. He was not willing to send it before EBT2021.
Big 2-whell trailer "Iron Maiden" Moncalvo Michal, Lino
Tool box Moncalvo Michal, Lino contains some tools
Allen keys (10-piece set) Moncalvo Michal, Lino missing 2.5 and 1.5 sizes
Torx keys Moncalvo Michal, Lino T27, T30, T40
Allen keys "star" Moncalvo Michal, Lino sizes 4-5-6
Long allen key - size 5 Moncalvo Michal, Lino
Chain link remover (chain breaker) Moncalvo Michal, Lino
"Bone" tool Moncalvo Michal, Lino 1 tough, 1 normal
Cone spanners (2x) 13/14 - 15/16 mm Moncalvo Michal, Lino
Spoke key (plastic handle) Moncalvo Michal, Lino
Spoke key (universal, 8 sizes) Moncalvo Michal, Lino
Tail kit Moncalvo Michal, Lino a box containing 3 tyre levers, some patches, new tube of glue, multitool
Crank puller - tapered square Moncalvo Michal, Lino
Pedal (15mm) / hexagonal crank bolt (14/15mm) wrench Moncalvo Michal, Lino
Bottom bracket tool - Shimano cartridge Moncalvo Michal, Lino
Universal bottom bracket ring wrench Moncalvo Michal, Lino
Pin tool for bottom bracket Moncalvo Michal, Lino
Freewheel puller - Shimano SIS Moncalvo Michal, Lino
Cassette lockring remover - Shimano HG/IG Moncalvo Michal, Lino
Chain whip for cassette Moncalvo Michal, Lino
Standard pliers Moncalvo Michal, Lino
Locking pliers Moncalvo Michal, Lino
Small adjustable spanner Moncalvo Michal, Lino
Big adjustable spanner (for bottom bracket tool - 32mm) Moncalvo Michal, Lino
Double-sided spanner Moncalvo Michal, Lino sizes 16, 17
Flat-head screwdrivers Moncalvo Michal, Lino 2x
Cross-head screwdriver Moncalvo Michal, Lino
Big floor pump Moncalvo Michal, Lino
Small pump Moncalvo Michal, Lino
1 ratchet strap Moncalvo Michal, Lino
Box for spices Moncalvo Michal, Lino
1 tall steel pot with lid Dublin apparently it got lost after 2019 biketour According to Bob it was left in a social center which closed afterwards.
1 wide aluminium pot with lid Moncalvo Michal, Lino
1 box grater, 1 flat grater
2 big steel bowls Catalunya Bru
1 wooden spoon Moncalvo Michal, Lino
1 large metal ladle
1 small metal ladle Moncalvo Michal, Lino
chopping boards Moncalvo Michal, Lino
chopping knives Moncalvo Michal, Lino
peelers Moncalvo Michal, Lino
something to mash or blend stuff
1 big strainer
1 small strainer / sieve
Scout SIM card (blau.de) Moncalvo Michal, Lino
Tail SIM card (blau.de) probably lost
Scout phone (dual-SIM) + charger Moncalvo Michal, Lino broken (Nokia from EBT 2019, doesn't charge)
Tail phone Moncalvo Michal, Lino broken (older Nokia from EBT2017,2018)
1 A4+ zip bag Moncalvo Michal, Lino containing EBT documents
1 A4 plastic bag for paper with unlosable pen Moncalvo Michal, Lino containing zines
the circle book Moncalvo Michal, Lino
2017 biketour booklet Moncalvo Michal, Lino
Fanny pack for money Moncalvo Michal, Lino 2 fanny packs (one from 2019, one from 2021)
Sellotape holder
first aid kits Moncalvo Michal, Lino A big kit (blue)
Gaffer/duct tape Moncalvo Michal, Lino
New brown tarp against sun/rain Moncalvo Michal, Lino dimensions 5x3m, ropes and pegs included
Garden tarp to sit on Moncalvo Michal, Lino dimensions 5x3m
Shit shovel Moncalvo Michal, Lino
Stickers (2021 print) Berlin Candid 20000 (2 FCKCRS versions, Fox, Smash Capitalism)
Small black tarp to cover trailer boxes / rocket stoves lost?

Equipment that gets used up

Equipment that gets used up, so it needs to be acquired before and during the tour.

What? Who can bring it? / Who will take care of it? Where to get it (cheaply or for free)?
Medical Kit One old (incomplete) and one newer (slightly used) in Bcn Red Cross? Pharmacy?
Washing-up liquid have one half-used
Replacement tubes for trailers (16-inch and 20-inch)
Plastic bags
Matches, lighters have one jet lighter + one normal lighter
A4 sheets of paper
Big sheets of paper (for rota and workshops)
Markers have some
Pens (rate of loss about 1 per day…) have some
Puncture repair kit (with a looot of patches, maybe 10–20 per month?) we need to get patches and more glue The cheapest is to get a big tube of vulcanizer and to get several big packs of patches (that don't contain anything else). Those are difficult to find though. In some countries they have them in the home-improvement stores.
Rim tape have one half-used
Small book for finances we have one
Small book for circle decisions we have one
Gaffer tape we have one
Transparent tape (Tesa/Sellotape) we have one
Grease, chain-oil, deblocking spray we need more oil
Bungees (rate of loss +∞) 1 inner tube bungee

10 hooks

Inner tubes can be used, but bungees are more convenient because they have hooks. The best thing is to put hooks on inner tubes.

Optional things to bring

Things that are not absolutely necessary and are thus not communal, but would be useful if some people brought them to share.

What? Who can bring it?
Sewing Kit Candid, Michal
A netbook/laptop - so we can blog along the way! Candid, Michal
Battery charger for batteries of bike lights or mobile devices Candid

Other things that we have

Some things that are really not essential, but they are in our communal stuff:

  • colors and a brush to paint something (flags, etc)