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* 2 kitchen towels (never used, just get moldy)
* 2 kitchen towels (never used, just get moldy)
* 1 wooden pot scraper
* 1 wooden pot scraper
== Things we need to get before summer 2016 ==
* a trailer
* more bowls (there are 2)
* box grater
* wooden spoons
* knife sharpener
* potato masher
* communal cutlery: table spoon, tea spoon, knife for jam
* something to keep money in, eg. body belt or fanny bag
* electric tape
* zip ties/ string/ dental floss
* ladle
== Archive ==
== Archive ==
* Stuff in Freiburg in April 2017:
** small 2-wheel trailer
** 2 IKEA bowls
** foot pump
** 2 big knives (green and purple)
** small 1st-aid kit
** 1 inner-tube bungee + inner tube, 1 normal bungee
** toolbox
*** adjustable spanner
*** chain oil
*** grease (2×)
*** 14/15 mm hexagonal key
*** allen key set (biggest one 10 mm)
*** flat-head screw driver
*** 77 bike patches
*** bottom bracket removal tool for 2 pins
*** 1 old tooth brush
*** 1 chain whip
*** bottom bracket tool with hook
*** flat spanners 13+14, 15+16
*** spoke key
*** 3 tire levers
*** 1 vulkanizer
*** chain breaker
*** some replacement nuts
*** 1 bone tool
* [[Cooking utensils]] - '''the majority of last year's cooking equipment is in Cluj, Romania with a collective where we spent the last days of 2013 biketour - HELP NEEDED TO GET IT TO THE START OF 2014 IN SOFIA!!'''
**1x big silver/ black pot + 1x big lid; metal
**2x medium black/ sliver pots
**1x medium black teflon pot
**2x medium pan lids; one blue, one metal
**1x white enamel washing up bowl
**3x white water containers (only 1 has a lid)
**5x white plastic chopping boards
**1x grater
**1x long wooden stirring spoon
**2x flat wooden spoons
**1x white/ yellow ladle
**1x small blue ladle
**1x wooden masher
**1x orange handled shovel
**1x red bag of spokes and skewers
Equipment in Berlin (May 2015):
* Small 2-wheel trailer
* Tarp
* 2 big pots + lids
* Fanny pack for money
* 3 nestable tupper-ware boxes without lids
* funnel
* 2 big wooden serving spoons, 1 wooden scraper
* 1 small peeler
* 3 big metal bowls
* 1 20-inch replacement tube
* 3 back lights
* 1 16-inch used tube
Equipment in Helsinki (September 2015):
* shit shovel
* plastic folder:
** 2 plastic folders
** some transparent film bags inside
** some paper
** some leftover things to read
** 1 black and 2 red markers
** Tesa tape (almost empty)
** Hair-cutting scissors
** Some pens
** Tiny set of watercolours
** Communal phone (Dual-SIM) + charger + blau.de SIM card
* Tools:
** Puncture repair kit with patches for both inner tubes and plastic
** 1 thin wrench 18 mm + strange 14 mm on the other side
** 1 chain oil, 1 chain oil spray, 1 anti-rust spray
** 2 cheap rimtape
** hich-tech grease
** 1 first-aid kit
** a bit of electric tape
** 2 tire levers
** 1 almost empty puncture repair kit
** some anti-puncture tire inlet
** 1 tube 16 inch, 1 tube 20 inch
** bag of washers for the trailer skewer
** 2 tubes 26x1.9/2.125
** 1 bungee spider, some small bungees
** 3 lock extensions for the trailers
** Foot pump
** Small adjustable spanner
* Kitchen stuff
** Wide aluminium pot
** Red sieve
** Fabric coffee filter
** Oven glove
** 1 small wooden scaper
** 1 table spoon
** 2 kitchen knives (purple and green)
** 1 small chopping knife
** 1 small peeler
** 2 ikea bowls
** 3 square matroshka plastic bowls
** 1 big funnel, 1 small funnel
** 2 big and 2 small floppy chopping boards
** 2 10-liter water canisters
** 1 flat grater
** small tarp to cover trailer
** some small lunch plastic bags and some rubbish bags
** 2 tea towels
* tarp
Things that are lost:
* 1 box grater
* 1 multitool with chain breaker
* 1 bone

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Here we keep a record of the collective equipment needed/thought/available for each Biketour.

If you want to know what you should bring generally see here -> participant equipment recomendation or in the FAQs on www.ecotopiabiketour.net

Things often get left behind and often get mixed up with (particularly kitchen) equipment of the projects. One important tip when acquiring communal equipment is to choose items that have an exceptional design. Experience shows that even the most useless things don't get lost for months if their look is easy to recognise, but even the most essential things get left behind when no one is sure if they are ours or belong to the project.

Permanent equipment

Equipment that does not get used up and that we keep over the years.

What? Where is it? Who has access to it?
1-wheel trailer + skewer Berlin/hermannstr steph
Small 2-wheel trailer + pins Tallinn Lilli from Tallinn
Big 2-wheel trailer (needs to be rebuilt again) Bratislava Michal
1-wheel trailer + skewer Somewhere in Bulgaria Candid has tried to contact Caroxo without success
Chain link remover (chain breaker), other more special tools that henning took to germany nuremberg lukas
2 steel tyre levers
"Bone" tool One in Berlin Candid
Allen keys (9-piece set)
Small adjustable spanner
Spoke key (6 sizes)
Washers to get 1-wheel trailer skewer onto more bikes
3 lock extensions to lock the trailers
Bag for bike tools (needs to be fixed or replaced)
Foot pump
3 tire levers
2 cassette lockring removers (different sizes)
Cassette lockring remover - Shimano HG/IG
Freewheel puller - Shimano SIS
Big adjustable spanner (bottom bracket tool is 32mm)
Chain whip
Pedal wrench 15mm / hexagonal socket 14/15mm
Bottom bracket tool - Shimano cartridge
Crank puller - tapered square
Cone spanner 13/14 - 15/16 mm
1 tall steel pot with lid Stockholm Pelle
1 wide aluminium pot with lid Berlin Lilli
1 small wide aluminium pot (no lid so far)
1 box grater, 1 flat grater
3 big steel bowls (maybe 4?)
2 long wooden spoons Left behind in Tampere Did someone contact them?
2 big and 2 small floppy chopping boards
2 big knives (one purple, one green)
3 small chopping knives
3 peelers
something to mash or blend stuff
2 plastic cups
2 table spoons, 2 tea spoons, 2 knives (for jam and stuff)
3 nestable tupper-ware boxes without lids (so useless, let's get some proper tupper-wares with lids!)
2 10 liter water canisters
1 red strainer
1 fabric coffee filter
1 oven glove
2 German SIM cards with cheap rates for EU/EEA
Scout phone (dual-SIM) + charger
Tail phone + charger
2 A4 plastic bags for paper with some transparent film bags for individual sheets
Fanny pack for money
Sellotape holder
Shit shovel
Stickers lot of them in Berlin, others in Nuremberg Candid/Lukas
Small tarp to cover box trailer

Equipment that gets used up

Equipment that gets used up, so it needs to be acquired before and during the tour.

What? Who can bring it? / Who will take care of it? Where to get it (cheaply or for free)?
Medical Kit We have one in Tallinn, unsure if it is complete; Michal bought one cheaply Red Cross? Pharmacy?
Liquid Propolis
Colloidal Silver
If possible ONE general BIODEGRADABLE shampoo, toothpaste and dishwash and a big handsoap?. Washing-up liquid, shampoo and sun-cream: feel free to bring these along, we're running out of time to go around looking for these
Fairer traded coffee / tea wholesale order through food-coop?
Big box for carrying spices, tea etc.
SIM card for every country
Replacement tubes for trailers (16-inch and 20-inch) We have one of each size in Tallinn
Plastic bags There are some in Tallinn
Matches, lighters
A4 sheets of paper There are some in Tallinn
Big sheets of paper (for rota and workshops)
Markers 1 black and 2 red markers in Tallinn
Pens (rate of loss about 1 per day…) Some in Tallinn
Puncture repair kit (with a looot of patches, maybe 10–20 per month?) 1 in Tallinn, almost empty The cheapest is to get a big tube of vulcanizer and to get several big packs of patches (that don't contain anything else). Those are difficult to find though. In some countries they have them in the home-improvement stores.
Small book for finances
Small book for circle decisions
Gaffer tape
Transparent tape (Tesa/Sellotape) There is a bit left in Tallinn
Grease, chain-oil, anti-rust spray All 3 in Tallinn
Bungees (rate of loss +∞) 1 bungee spider + some small ones in Tallinn Inner tubes can be used, but bungees are more convenient because they have hooks. The best thing is to put hooks on inner tubes.

Optional things to bring

Things that are not absolutely necessary and are thus not communal, but would be useful if some people brought them to share.

What? Who can bring it?
Sewing Kit
A netbook/laptop - so we can blog along the way!
Battery charger for batteries of bike lights or mobile devices

Other things that we have

Some things that are really not essential, but they are in our communal stuff in Tallinn:

  • Hair-cutting scissors
  • Tiny set of watercolours
  • 1 thin wrench 18 mm + strange conic 14 mm on the other side
  • A bit of electric tape
  • Some pieces of anti-puncture tire inlet, useful when someones tires gets worn out in one place
  • 2 tubes 26x1.9/2.125
  • 2 kitchen towels (never used, just get moldy)
  • 1 wooden pot scraper