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On may there was the need to restructure the website and give it a new look, also new posters and flyers were needed...


Berlin Critical Mass April Flyer

tim and kate brought this flyers to the monthly Critical mass in berlin

Early Flyer

Agnes draw a flyer based on the early information on the route, flyers were made on Inkskape, the SVG file can be found here (uploaded on 09/Jun/2013)

Front Back


Available as pdf's for A4

4 Flyers per page in A4 pdf format:

Translated versions of the poster text to make new flyer versions

english version of A4 flyer


using kate's drawing, agnes flyer and last year poster design, on june, taborda prepared the first version of this year poster - that can/should be adapted to a non-year connected general poster

Translated versions of the poster text to make new poster versions

2 posters per page in pdf format (nice to print on A3...probably work on A4 also):

english version of poster deutch version of poster castellano version of poster Français version of poster


Social media Logos

Made using the poster SVG file, for use on social media environments (that normally show squared logos)

English version for social media

Website Banners

Blue and Magenta version

Temporary banner

the first temporary banner was set up on april:

other attempts

and some other attempts:

Based on last year's logo and Agnes flyer

trying new logo configurations

kate made a beautiful drawing to be used on the website, after scaning, taborda used Inkskape 0.47 to vectorize the drawing, introduce text and color.

kate's drawing

the original svg file can be found here

Color version

B&W version

Blue and Magenta version

Fonts used

The same fonts from last year were used:

Also Purisa Font (available on tlwg-font package, default on most recent linux versions) was used for the year number on the banner drawing for the website