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Last updated 6.4. 2005
Last updated 6.4. 2005

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i found this text somewhere it needs the car busters office cut out the places to ask questions filled in the help ideas made more concrete what can some potential participant help with from home?


Places to ask questions :

It is hard to explain such a vibrant living thing as Ecotopia Biketour. Hopefully we did not confused you too much. Before you ask your questions please try to search this site, have a look at our forum, the wiki or search the mailinglist archive .

If your question wasnot answered there the best place to ask is our mailinglist - the second best are the forum, the chat, or you try to skype organisers.

Biketour needs your help:

As a real DIY-project the organisers crew is chronically overworked and can only realise ten percent of their ideas about the Biketour. So we depend on you to help us make this happen.

  • You can help us by doing some outreach in your own country. Spread the word about biketour! Apart from spreading the word through posters, flyers and emails, it would be great if you could activate your press contact to report about you joining the biketour.
  • You can help us with fundraising. Maybe you feel like organising a concert or a party, and at the same time you can raise some money for the biketour.
  • We need help with this site - if you want to write texts for the website orhelp with the design for the website. contact morlaa <at> web dot de.
  • You could work out ideas for a bt-performance and actions we could do
  • Or bring a banner to the tour
  • organise bt-flags
  • Then the biketour needs some common equipment, like trailors, bit pots, big knives and other useful kitchen equipment. You could also go and ask local bikeshops and the like for donations, like tubes or locks or tools or whatever they want to give. Also useful and easily self-made are templates for the t-shirt spraying.


If you want to contribute to the biketour project by donating us some money, please do so by sending the money to the Biketour bank account:

account holder: World Carfree Network

bank: HVB Bank Czech Republic

bank address: Jugoslavska 29, 120 01, Praha 2, Czech Republic

account number: 48846-080

bank code: 2700


And please do write a littel document containing:

your name and address, a sentence like " i donate 1000 euro to the ecotopia biketour 2004" and your signature.

Please send or fax it to :

Ecotopia Biketour 2004

World Carfree Network

International Coordination Centre

Kratka 26

100 00 Prague 10

Czech Republic

Fax: +420 274 816 727

we need this for the office, we have to justify every money that comes in.

Thank you !

Last updated 6.4. 2005