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Cycling in Lithuania will be all about nature

  • we will camp by lakes and rivers, in the middle of the woods and by the only remaining homestead of the village. Care for nature and old Baltic culture was always intertwined in Lithuania

Rasos in Labanoras forest and meeting with people still nurturing this nature based faith we will learn about old Lithuanian traditions and discover a bit different approach to nature protection. Vilnius will bring some urban culture to the tour and here we will try to create our own DYI street party.


The biketour will enter Poland on 1st of July in Ogrodniki/ Miskiniai and leave the country on 24th of July in Radoszyce/ Palota. The route we are proposing is more or less tested and follows minor roads along the eastern border of Poland. It includes Suwalszczyzna lake district, Bialowieski National Park (preserving the last pristine, primeval forests in Europe, part of UNESCO World Heritage List;), picturesque valley of Bug (the border river between Poland, Belarus and Ukraine) and Roztocze hill range (the only place where you can see the geological difference between the Western and Eastern Europe). There will be some actions on the route including one to save beautiful Rospuda valley taken along with Greenpeace Poland and maybe some more.


Slovakia is very diverse country in the heart of Europe. Ecotopia Biketour 2006 will enter into Slovakia on 2th of July in the eastern part (border crossing Palota/Lupkow). During 2 weeks we plan to: cross Poloniny National Park (NP); make a trip to Vihorlat mountains; visit little villages with historical wooden churches and small agricultural farm nearby Seovce, where we will help with grain harvest and cleaning of water stream; take part in cycle-action for better conditions for bikers in Koice; cross beautiful Zadielska dolina and Slovensky kras NP; visit little community in Brdrka; go over NP Slovensk raj and around Low Tatras to ierny Balog, where we will see historical iernohorska forest railway and outdoor museum of forestry. On 8th of August we will arrive into Zajeov where we will participate in Ecotopia (we will stay in the camp till 19th of August). We will experience a lot of beautiful nature, caves, swimming and smaller actions in cities.


Biketour arrive to the north part of Hungary. This part of the route will be without big mountains but our hills are beautiful as well. At first we are crossing through the B kki National Park arriving to Eger, one of the most famous historical town in this country. After that we ride to the west and reach Budapest where we will have great demonstration, a "minimass", and party. After that, there's no big cities just nature. Crossing through the Danube by boat than riding in another National Park, visiting biofarms close to lake Balaton and having two nice resting day part of lake Balaton. You'll see how nature and history mix.


We will enter Slovenia at the flat areas of the country. While crossing the Mura river on boat we will try to expose its vulnerability to the projected hydro power plants in co-operation with local NGO. Passing by many small rivers and lakes, castles and farms, we will proceed towards the capital. In Ljubljana we will get the opportunity to explain to the Slovene journalists that sustainable mobility is not about angry people on a car free day. For farewell we will dive into the clear waters of Kolpa river and head towards Croatia.


Welcome party to Croatia will be on evening of 10th September at Eco-community project close to Zagreb. From there Biketour will go south to Gorski Kotar (Mountain county). On a third day we visit bear sanctuary in another mountain region called Lika. Over a mountain pass we go down to the seaside, to historic town of Zadar. Biketour continues along Adriatic coast, to National park Krka waterfalls. Then we visit two carfree Islands, Prvic and Zlarin and take a rest day to have a swim. We visit some more historic places; Sibenik, Primosten, Trogir, and continue towards Split. Day before we arrive there, we do action against last surviving asbestos factory. Other actions may include National Railways, dams at the mountain rivers, and Carfree Day actions at this year's destination, city of Split on 22nd September. After biketour with further visits to islands and national parks will be recommended.