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Ecotopia Biketour is looking for two EVS volunteers to coordinate the Ecotopia Biketour 2011.

Ecotopia Biketour has been promoting sustainable transport and getting participants to the annual Ecotopia gathering for 20 years. Pedalling through a different part of Europe every year for around two months, it is for anyone interested in do-it-yourself culture, social and ecological justice. Moving all our stuff by muscle power, Biketour links with local environmental campaigns on the route. For example, taking part in action or workshops. We create an international, mobile eco-community as well as joining local direct-action. We will visit interesting places on our way: alternative, environmental, artistic projects and communities, nature areas and people who preserve them or resist their destruction.

One of the countries the Ecotopia Biketour might travel through in 2011 is Italy. The route is not decided - the future coordinators can give their preferences and take part at the decision of where the Ecotopia Biketour will go in 2011. Most years there is a topic on which we are focusing, but the topic of this year also is still to be discussed and decided.

The EVS scheme will fund travel expenses to the host country (ie. Italy), accommodation, food, insurance and other expenses,so most living costs are covered, but the position is not paid.

The position would start on 1 May 2011. We are currently searching for a hosting organisation, so the organisation, town and country are to be confirmed.

EVS volunteers for the Ecotopia Biketour 2011 will:

- Live abroad (ie. in Italy) for 6 months and get to know local environmental campaigns,

- Take part in the entire biketour in summer 2011,

- Find local coordinators and maintain regular contact with them and with their help prepare detailed route find (cheap) accommodation along the route for 20+ cyclists, campsites, schools, community-halls

- Co-ordinate the route such that the Biketour participates in actions and campaigns along the route, together with local activists e.g.: - Critical Mass in some towns - demonstrations, banners, leaflets, actions and campaigns - visiting and supporting action sites, occupied forests or land, action camps, local activist groups, ecological festivals, or other activities linked to our topic.

- Spread information about the biketour's topic

- Mobilise cyclists to join the biketour

- Co-ordinate the updating of website/twitter while the biketour is on the road

Requirements for our EVS volunteers:

- They must be under 30 years old

- They must like bikes and cycling

- Have good spoken English (as English is the common language of most Biketour participants).

- Agree with the participation guidelines:

- Ability to communicate by email and telephone (mostly in English) and organize parts of biketour from a distance as necessary.

- Ability to learn about and use online tools, email-lists, blogs, social media, developing and maintaining the website and wiki, etc.

- Skills in making links with the local community and local activists,

- Ability to produce leaflets, press-releases and other written materials (mostly in English) to promote the Biketour,

- Ability to work with local contacts to organize translation of materials into local language(s),

- Have an understanding of concensus decision making

- Join a wintermeeting at the beginning of 2011 (date and place to be confirmed),

- Find an EVS sending organisation in your home country.

Advantageous skills to have:

- Previous participation in the Ecotopia Biketour

- Experience of bicycle-touring

- Knowledge of other languages ie. Italian language (or the language of other countries the biketour would pass through)

- Experience of building local environmental campaigns would be an advantage.

- Experience of working in international groups of volunteers

Although organising such a project is fun, it is a serious commitment, as 20-30 participants will depend on the decisions and estimations made during the preparation, on the road in real life situations.

For more info on Biketour, what is is, how it works and where it has been, read: our website - our wiki - To join the biketour email list:

To apply to do EVS with the Ecotopia Biketour 2011:

Please write a short introduction to yourself, how you fit the position and which of the advantageous skills you have. Include your contact details, the country you would be sent from with EVS and email it to with the subject: Biketour EVS 2011

Applications will be accepted as a first-come, first-served basis, and must be received before the 8th January 2011.